First Camanche Teener of 2017 | Dave Gliebe Catches 13-lb Bass In New Years Day Tournament


13-lb bass caught with a jig from Lake Camanche Photo: Dave Gliebe


Dave Gliebe reeled in a 13.46 big bass in the New Year’s Day tourney at Lake Camanche this past weekend. His teener fell to a brown and purple Bass Patrol jig tied to 12-lb XPS. The giant bass bit on his 5th cast of the day.

“I was fishing some dredger tailings – a flat between the north and south shore,” said the veteran pro. “She came out of the deep to eat – about 20-feet deep.”

The 13-plus earned big fish of the event. Gliebe’s five-fish limit went 24.86 and earned the runner-up position.  “I could only find four little ones to go with it,” he said. “I was beat by a bag of good spots. Their biggest was six – all good ones.”

He noted that it was his Camanche PB; but that he held the lake record at the fishery in 1972. “It was only 11 pounds back then; but it was an 11-pound northern strain,” he said. “They don’t get as big as the Florida strain that we have there now.”

Current Camanche Lake Record Largemouth Bass

The current Camanche record largemouth was weighed in on June 26, 2015 at 18.17-pounds, caught by Kevin Miranda with a RiverSea V-Joint S-110 Deep Dive.