Thanks to my WON BASS Pros Dee Thomas and Mike Folkstead

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Thanks to my WON BASS Pros Dee Thomas and Mike Folkstead

Postby scottsweet » Tue Apr 03, 2007 7:20 am

Well guys...I am home and ready for bed again. Long but terrific weekend.

I had the great pleasure to fish with 2 guys that we would all like to say we have fished with at any given time. I was lucky to have them as Pros...Dee Thomas and Mike Folkstead.

Dee Thomas, the father of flipping and the ONLY Fresh Water Hall of Fame fisherman from the West! I had the opportunity to fish, talk and hear the beginning of flipping from the man himself. We even did it a little bit. Dee, thanks for a great time...and btw, you aren't that old! He likes to think of himself as a senior citizen and wants you to really understand that.

This was my second opportunity to fish with Mike. He is a class act and one who simply doesn't lose his cool. Not only did some dimwit idiot trolling motor within 50ft of the boat and wander right over some spots Mike was fishing, but he lost a couple of good fish during the tournament. This bozo wasn't fishing, but Mike said he knew the guy and this was his MO to learn what and how other pros are being successful. He just smiled and trolling motored along saying his electronics were all messed up! Unreal...

I will see you all at Mead!
Scott Sweet

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