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Spring Lake

Spring Lake rests in the Sonoma County Regional Parks Department near Santa Rosa. It is a small 75 surface acre lake.

But don't let that fool you, this lake has some big bass. On March 1, 1997 Paul Duclos caught and released a twenty pound+ largemouth bass from Spring Lake, on a Castaic Largemouth Baby Bass Hard Bait. Because Paul was more concerned about releasing the fish alive then weighing the fish and taking the chance on it dying in the process, we'll never know just how heavy that fish was.

The lake has camping for tents and RV's as well as group camping, seasonally. There is a swim lagoon during the summer months as well as a visitors center/museum.

Spring Lake is open to non-powered boating only.

For more information call (707) 539-8092.

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Name: SteveMcK Date: 2014-04-21
Location: Santa Rosa
Water Temp: Water Clarity: 1
Report: It was my third time EVER Bass fishing (Don't hate me!). But I have been reading a lot on BassResource.com. Anyway, There was supposed to be a front later in the day, so I tried a bit of fishing before work (7:30-9). Fishing from shore, tried a Jig and trailer, Rat Trap, spinnerbait, nothing. And I could see swirls, Bass were feeding. I remembered reading that during the spring bait fish are smaller, so I tried my smallest lure, a #2 PantherMartin with 1.5in trailer. (5.5' Ultralight rod and 8lb test line.) Cast at a swirl and caught a nice 2 pound eater. On my way back to my car 5 minutes later, I tried a couple more casts, felt a subtle strike and set the hook. 5 minutes later, I hauled in a 27 inch HAWG! I DIDN'T HAVE A SCALE! But best guess based on looking at scores of tourni pics, is 11-13 pounds. This lake still has monster Bass! (Still has this HAWG in fact, because naturally, I released her. I'll thin the herd of 1-3 pounders and have fish dinner, but anything over that needs to pass its genes on. Especially Trophy fish! Let those trophies lay more eggs!!!)

Tips: Water was way dirty, so it was a bronze #2 spinner. Tiny lure, tiny rod, tiny 8lb test line, and MONSTER Bass! Literally big enough to eat every other fish I've ever caught in my life.

Name: kwoicicki Date: 2013-02-02
Location: santa rosa E-Mail: beebroan@netzero.com
Water Temp: 49-51 Water Clarity: 1
Report: fished from 9am till 1pm 2 fish in 2' of water 1- 3lbs 1 -6.5lbs no fish caught untill the fog lifted both on drop shot margartita robo worm


Name: Skandy Date: 2012-05-04
Location: Rohnert Park E-Mail: 4skandys@comcast.net
Water Temp: ? Water Clarity: 1
Report: Fished Friday afternoon and caught 2 on a Senko, 2 on a drop shot and 1 with a popper. Lost another on the drop shot. Launched from the ramp and went to the north. First came within 30 yds. All others came around the island on the inside. Made it as far as the north corner by the dam but only 1 bite in that area. Water appears to be clearing along the shoreline but dirty everywhere else.

Tips: Weightless senkos along the shorelines work top waters slowly. Shad color baits worked better tha. The darker colors.

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