Northern California Lake Fishing Report


Monday, August 14th, 2017

    • Water Temp: 81 degrees, elevation 775.28

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Got launched way to early today about 5:35 am, stopped fishing at 10 am. Another weird day with no sun rise to fire up the bite, slow fishing the entire time we had cloud cover. Good part, only one dink at 12", all the rest 13" to 14 1/2" and another one of those pike minnows right at 4 pounds, for a total of just 18 fish. Second pike minnow this year, so weird, never caught any over 5 years, till this year. Better bite came deeper today, fishing as deep as 50 foot, better fish 30-35 foot mark. Windy, then calm, windy, then calm, water still 81 degrees! Spots seem to be putting weight back on, getting much fatter then a month ago.Pictures in fishing forum.

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

    • Water Temp: 81-82 degrees, elevation 783.82

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: Got launched at 5:30 am at Lime Saddle, stopped fishing at 10 am as it began to warm up. Decent day, caught 23, surprise, caught a large mouth, so excited, forgot to measure it, looks to be about 13 1/2" or so. Small fish plentiful, about half the fish 12" size, the other half 13" to 14 1/2" as my best for the day. Picked up fish to 45 feet, mostly 20-35 feet. Hot water not helping the bite, high 82 degrees, mostly 81 degrees. Thought I had a giant spot for a second, weight, no fight!! catfish hit a roboworm, soon as it hit bottom. Guessing dropped it right in front of his mouth! Water beginning a faster drop, 1 foot a day, but twice a week 2 foot drops. Guess they are going for that 700 foot mark sooner then later. Pictures in fishing forum.

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

    • Water Temp: 80-84

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Well "clum," another successful day trip! Can't help it - LOL!!! Seriously, I took a client to Clear Lake yesterday who knows the lake some, but wanted to learn more productive areas to fish. We looked over areas from Red Bud to Soda Bay. The bite started out slow but got much better as the cloud cover thinned out during the day. I was curious to see if a front from the south would shut off the bite during the day, as it always does at night. We had a great trip, so I guess that weather pattern doesn't bother the day bite. We fished mostly soft plastics - worms, beavers, Yamamoto Flappin' Hogs, and other baits he was throwing. Darker colors worked best. Again, we found bass pretty shallow in spite of lots of Friday pleasure boat activity. We landed over 40 nice bass, with a 4.12 big one and a few bigger than last trip, some over 3 lbs up to 3 1/2. I showed him two areas that I hadn't fished for awhile, and they were good too. Those resident bass must have missed me!! Our best five was again around 16 to 17 lbs.

      Tips: Just a concern that I had yesterday, previously hearing about some dead bass on the surface recently. We did see 4 or 5 dead bass - actually one nearly dead that was a quality bass around 7 or 8 lbs - dying on the surface. All the bass we caught seemed fine. My client was fishing worms a lot, and some jigs. I threw jigs of different colors and again brown or brown orange seemed to work well. MM111 Robo worms worked better yesterday, especially in the afternoon. Didn't get around to Senkos yesterday as other baits were working well. My client called the big fish yesterday - fun, fun. There is a dock that he likes that I really don't fish. He got a 3 1/4 and I got the 4.12. Good call! I noticed the surface algae has moved further north, but is not bad at all.

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

    • Water Temp: 80-81, elevation 792.77

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: Launched at Lime Saddle about 5:30 am, stopped fishing at 9:15 am before it got hot!! Weird day on the lake with the smoke in the air, like the sun never really rose and fish seemed to know and were not fired up to bite like clear sunny mornings. No big fish at all, all fish ranged from 12" to 13 1/2", and managed to land 21 fish today. Water super warm, 80-81 degrees, to me, hurts the bite lots, way too warm. Not the best pictures, but showing the ridge line that holds fish well when 15 feet plus under water. High and dry now!! Pictures in fishing forum.

Monday, July 31st, 2017

    • Water Temp: 86.6

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: I took out Ed and Jeff did not do well a few dinks. Water like a mirror no wind and no fish very hot back at the dock by noon was disappointing. Went out on my own when the sun went down caught a limit of fish between 1.5 and 3lb. Next day took KG and Jenny out some wind on the water a few keeper bass Jenny holding a 3.7lb bass (see photo).
      'til next time.................................................................good fishing!!!!! If you have any questions or stories you would like to share or are interested in booking a guided fishing trip please email me at or call me at 650-583-3333.

      Tips: Found rock pile picked up 2 nice spots to 3.7lb knowing where the fish are helps. A lot of boat traffic does not help fishing.

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

    • Water Temp: 73.5-77

      Water Clarity: Muddy (0-2 foot visibility)

      Report: Fish first light to afternoon. North delta on low tide with incoming tide. Start off with topwater with lots action but only dinks to 1.5lb. Warm water 76-77. Decided to move more north and fish east windy bank, temp at 73.5-75. Good reaction bite from dinks to 2.5lb. Move tulle island, flipping and frogging. Few 1lber on flip and no taker on frog. Call it a day early due to heat and work on Monday. Is definitely a number day about 25-30 fish but no quality. Top 5 under 10lbs.

      Tips: Run and gun. Hope to find quality. Seem like every stops there's fish just 1lb avg.

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

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      Water Temp: 76-79

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Fished from little Mandeville to Cruiser Haven, threw the frog the majority of the day, allot of blow ups but no takers,
      also threw the green pumpkin black flake senko, threw small whopper plopper and still caught small fish.
      Water temps 76-79 degrees, fished incoming tide and outgoing tide, Most fish caught were on speed trap (yellow) in stained water. also witnessed bedding blue gills.
      Did allot of running , still breaking in the boat.
      good luck,

Friday, July 28th, 2017

    • Water Temp: 79

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Well, they are definitely not on a night bite! I was with my youngest daughter & we fished this past Mon-Weds night in Konocti Bay. This was a very slow trip with all small fish caught. The wind was pretty slack which is unusual for this time of year. The lake was just dead. No rolling fish, not even any ducks splashing around! We threw Texas, jigs, Senkos, blades, cranks, swimbaits. The only thing they really hit was the Don Iovino Doodle Snake in rythym & blues. Didn't seem to want the double wide or any other creature type bait! I think it's a daytime bite right now. I didn't fish that hard as I didn't want to discourage my daughter as she's new to bass fishing! I'll be back with old Ted in a few weeks & really hit it harder to see if it was just bad timing for us! (I hope!)

      Tips: Judging from Larry's post, I would try daylight fishing. I didn't get to frog or topwater fish as I didn't stay til after daybreak. There wasn't any other boats on the water & activity levels just seemed low. Other than that, I don't have any tips except don't do what we were doing! Lol

    • Water Temp: 80-83

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: After some vacation time, decided to hit Clear Lake Wednesday with buddy Mike Sperbeck. We took his boat and decided to fish the early afternoon 'til dark. We fished Red Bud to Henderson Point and found the bite to be a little better than we expected and it was pretty good most of the trip. I know enough about Clear Lake to realize that certain sizes of bass are active during certain periods of time during the year. Yesterday, that theory held up as all the near 50 bass we landed were in the 1 3/4 to 3 lb range. A little humor on the trip was my fighting and landing a 4 pounder while Mike had all he could handle with a 9 incher - the only dink of the trip. Always fun to have the biggest and the smallest of the trip landed at the same time!! Our limit might have gone 16 lbs - at least close. Wind really wasn't a problem - a little brisk at dusk.

      Tips: As has been reported for the last few weeks, the jig bite was the reason for a fairly nice trip. Different color combinations worked well as long as there was some brown in it. We used various Yamamoto plastic trailers. We found one or two group of bass in schools - again not big ones - 2 to 2 3/4 lb average. For awhile we were hooking bass on every cast, really! That doesn't happen much, unfortunately!! Also, I caught the 4 pounder in an area that I haven't caught a quality bass in several years. Most of our bass were in the top 10 feet of water. We did try deeper areas but couldn't get bit. I switched to a red shad 10" Power worm at dusk and hooked a much bigger bass but lost her. Heard that before??

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

    • Water Temp: 79-84

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: Summer is definitely here and on many days the temperature has been over 100-degrees. The water temperature is also very warm and is ranging from 79 to 84-degrees, with the water level dropping slightly each week. These are not considered to be great conditions to target bass, however the bite has been picking up.

      We have been hitting the water multiple times each week and even when the bite was slow we caught some really nice bass on each trip. The topwater bite has been slowly tapering, but it can be one of the best techniques to catch some of the giant bass during the summer months. Try using Whopper Ploppers and walk-the-dog style baits to coax fish to the surface.

      Mitchell Robbins landed a giant largemouth bass first thing in the morning on one of our guide trips. This beauty crushed a Whopper Plopper and weighed just shy of 8-pounds. If the surface bite seems slow try using some reaction baits. Small swimbaits, spinnerbaits, ripbaits and crankbaits will work best. There is an abundance of small bass, sunfish and shad and it is good to keep this in mind when selecting colors. I spent an evening fishing with Tony and his son Spence.

      We hit the water for an evening guide trip for Spence’s sixteenth birthday. He had a great time and caught some awesome California bass. I had him and his father fishing dropshots and crankbaits to find success. The flooded grass is breaking down, but is still preventing us from using any bottom bouncing baits. A long leader dropshot or a Texas rigged worm seem to be the most productive rigging methods.
      We have been catching a number of small fish on each outing along with some really nice bass.

      5-year old Devun Stewart is already an accomplished angler. He caught over a dozen bass on a spinning rod, many of which were unassisted. His dad Trevor Stewart caught fish on a fly and good friend Sam Davey picked up many nice fish on a dropshot rig.
      Some would say it is not a good time of year to fish, but for the dog days of summer, we are having a blast catching bass!

      Tips: Fish early in the morning and late in the evening and cover water. Look for shaded areas on the lake.

      Xperience Fishing Guide Service
      John Liechty (209)743-9932

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

    • Water Temp: 79-80, elevation 800.65

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Launched about 5:40am at Lime Saddle, stopped fishing at 10:15 am when the heat began to get to me. Seems the lake is back to dropping a foot a day like the old days, now down to 800.65, now 102 feet down from full pool. The ridge at the launch now shows well, all above water line. Should have gotten a picture. Great fishing spot when it's 15-25 foot under water. Fish the drop off side, even when it's shallow, might surprise you. Water still about 80 degrees, got 79 in a few locations. Managed 29 fish today, with about half the fish in the 12" dink size, the rest mostly 13 13 1/2". Getting ready to call it quits, and got a fatter 15" and a second 14 1/2" right after. Spots seem to be adding weight again, not looking quite as skinny as after spawn. Did most of my fishing 20-35 foot today, shore line crawling with dinks under 12" As of 8am, only 2 other boats had launched, seems the heat is driving away fisherman. Sure wish I knew how to get a hold of the park rangers, parking signs need lowered so us old farts don't have to walk half way up the ramp. Sorry about the water spot in the pictures! Picture in fishing forum.

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

    • Water Temp: 75-79

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Lake level drop a few feet that made for a tough bite for us. Caught a few dinks and my partner landed a nice 5 plus on dropshot on a steep bank. It's July and she looked like she hadn't spawned yet. Went for strippers and got 3 all over 21 in. Lots of fry and bait swimming around. Tried topwater, crankbaits no luck. Senko, dropshot and brushhogs worked better. Anchovy and chicken liver combo for strippers. Good Luck and Please Post it helps everyone. Thanks

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

    • Report: CALIFORNIA DELTA FISHING REPORT, Weekend 7/14/2017:
      Water Temp. Mid to High 70's.
      Water Clarity: Stained 1 -2 feet
      Caught most Largemouth Bass Flipping Zoom Speed Worm in Purple Red Flake.
      Hit Mats for frog bite. Most Blowups came early morning or late afernoon. Had to cover miles between blowups.
      M.S. Slammer Rat imitation took some fish late afternoons. D/S 7 inch Robo also worked when bite became tough late morning.
      1/2oz. Cooch's Wadda Jig and Strike King Red Eye Shad also put points on the board.

      Team Bernadette Bass Fishing

    • Water Temp: 80 degrees, elevation 806.20 4 foot drop in a week!!

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: Got launched about 5:30 am at lime Saddle, stopped fishing at 10:30 am. Decent bite today, but not many fish over 14", so typical of hot summer fishing on the lake. Landed 33 fish today, with more then half of them caught in the basic Lime Saddle marina area. Fish shallow and deep, still not finding any larger fish. Best today, right at 14 1/2" with all other fish 10-14", half of them 10-12" dinks, the other half mostly 13-14". Just two 14 1/2" fish as my best today. Stayed longer, not nearly as hot on the water today, but killer hot when working to get the boat off the water. Just a couple more months and won't have the damn heat! Saw a post on oroville, guy (foul hooked) says those posted catching many fish are lying about catching this many, wrong, just need the right baits or fishing locations. Caution, the ridge is now shallow at the launch, looks deep, not deep, they finally marked it today to prevent prop damage!! Picture in fishing forum.

Monday, July 17th, 2017

    • Water Temp: 82-88

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Took the family to Clear Lake for four days (Wed-Sat) July 12-15. The bite was very steady for fish in the 2 pound class, but the bigger fish were a little harder to come by. This trip was mostly for the kids and not so much for me, so I stuck with techniques that would get them numbers. We fished mainly from Henderson south concentrating on rock piles and rocky ledges. We caught close to 60 fish a day and only fished from sun up to about noon. The kids threw Texas rigged MM III and brown and purple 1/2 ounce jigs with oxblood sweet beavers as trailers. The worm seemed to get more bites and the slightly bigger fish. We did manage a few over 3 lbs and my daughter lost a six that got tangled up in the Talon brackets (dad's fault). On the last day I did pick up a buzz bait for about 30 minutes and managed a 5 plus, a 4 and several other fish in the 2 plus range. The buzz bait bite was very aggressive. I tried throwing a whopper plopper, but the fish were just swatting at the bait and the ones I did catch were foul hooked. I also managed a few frog fish as well out of isolated weed clumps along rocky banks. I'm guessing the top water bite and frog is really going to start heating up in next few weeks. Their was a big algae bloom going on which really affected the water clarity. All in all it was a great trip and I assume if there are two guys in the boat fishing all day they would easily catch a 100 fish a day.

      Tips: Buzz baits and frogs around isolated weed clumps. Jigs and worms on rock piles and ledges.

    • Water Temp: 81

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: garbage fishing except in the marina area, but its short lived. people are on here claiming 30+ fish a day which is a lie. you can fish from 5am to noon and only catch a couple small bass. not liking this summer bite at all. tired of getting skunked at lake oroville.

      Tips: go to the afterbay. its free to get in and launch. there are TONS of bass.

Saturday, July 15th, 2017

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      Water Temp: 74 degrees

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Launched out of Big Break with fishing newbie to the Delta—Kane from Australia— headed into Dutch slough. The weather forecast indicated small craft advisory but the winds were surprisingly mild until about 2PM. The jig bite was on, fished with swim jig with black and blue flapping hog trailer in about 8 feet of water. Caught most of the outside the weed and vegetation line. Biggest was about 2 pounds. Caught about 20 for the day, about 10 on jigs (larger fish) and a number of smaller on wacky rigged Stick-O baits in black/red flake color. Headed back in around 2PM and there were 2 foot rollers in the main channel leading back to the marina.

      Tips: I typically follow the marine weather warnings to a tee. The small craft warning, in place first thing in the morning made no sense when the wind reports from Big Break was less than 5 knots. The flag was blowing at the marina but there were no white caps in the main channel so we took off and fished wind protected places. But once the wind started to get more significant we headed back. Take each wave one at a time.

    • Water Temp: 74/78

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: Very lucky to have overcast morning that lasted until around 9:15am with a slight breeze though out the day. Dropped the tub in at day break and stared getting hits right away. About an hour in found some lay downs around rock when the bigger bites started. there is a great weed line next to deeper water that the bass were all over. Caught around 30 or 35 bass by 11:00am with most being in the 1.5 to 3lb range and a few up to a little over 5lbs.

      Tips: I was reaction fishing all morning. Accurate casts is what paid off all morning. I have been following a pattern on henny this week. I did not fish the same portions of the lake today, just the same structure around the lake.

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

    • Water Temp: 80 degrees, Elevation 810.38

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: I got launched at Lime Saddle about 5:30am, stopped fishing right at 9:30am, getting too hot to fish much longer, even though fish were in the biting mood still. Decent fishing, but many more smaller fish then last trip. Seemed like half the fish today were runts, 10-12" with the rest 13-14 1/2". Only two 14 1/2" , one 14" for 27 fish for the morning. Fished deep and still could not entice anything larger today. Best fish came from the 30-35 foot mark. Seemed like most banks produced fish, just nothing of any size. No picture of the second 14 1/2", slipped and away she went before I got the picture. Water super warm on the surface, still 80 degrees. Lake lever dropped about a foot since last week. Picture in fishing forum.

Friday, July 7th, 2017

    • Water Temp: 80s

      Water Clarity: Muddy (0-2 foot visibility)

      Report: Fished the PM yesterday from 5 to dark. The first thing I noticed was how bad the clarity was. It's maybe 1' in most places. The pleasure boaters and increased traffic from the holiday have it stirred up bad.

      I threw topwater but with the clarity being what it is you'd have to make the perfect cast on the right fish for him to even have a chance at it.

      I managed to find a few on a worm and a few on a square bill but nothing over 2lbs.

      Until the boat pressure subsides and the moon phase changes its going to be tough fishing during the day.