Outdoor Recreation Hunting Fishing and Boat Show

30th annual Sacramento International Sportsmens Expo 2017


D AT E S: J a n. 19- 2 2 (T h urs -Sun )

H O U RS : Th u rs- F ri: 1 1 a m-8 pm; S at : 1 0a m- 7p m; Su n : 10 am - 5 pm

W H E RE: C al E xp o, Sac ra m en t o

ADMI SS I ON: $ 17 a d ult t icke t ; y o ut h 15 a nd und e r e n te r f or fr ee

M O R E I NFO: S p or tsExpos.c o m

Live Life Outdoors


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options for you – activities, gear,

• 175+ seminars – all free – at a


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Welcome, all, to the 30th

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annual Sacramento International

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Sportsmen’s Expo. Thanks for your support!

Let’s discover what’s next...

Aquarium Bass Tank, sponsored by WesternBass.com; California Sportsmen Theater; the Kayak

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