Western Anglers Joining Justin Lucas as a Bassmaster Elite Series Pro in B.A.S.S. Fishing Tournaments by Pete Robbins

West Coast pro Justin Lucas wins the Sacramento Bassmaster Elite Series



will the West produce


s I started to think about

topics for my Day Two

article during this year’s

Potomac River Elite Series tournament, I got a quick lesson in ge-

ography. There I was, standing just miles

from George Washington’s home. If I’d rid-

den the tides just a few miles out to sea I

could’ve tasted the Atlantic.

Despite all of that eastern-

ness, the day had a distinctly

western flavor.

Justin Lucas, an

Alabama resident who

is a Californian at heart,

sat in first. Brent Ehrler,

who still makes the long

commute from California,

was a distant second. Skeet

Reese, also from California, was

in 6 th , tied with Luke Clausen of

Washington. That’s four of the top

eight from the left coast. Clifford

Pirch, Fred Roumbanis and Brett Hite

were also in the top-20.

While they didn’t quite finish the

tournament in that order, Lucas, Ehrler,

Hite, Roumbanis and Pirch all made top-

12 cut to Sunday. Clausen, as well as

California natives, Chris Zaldain, Jared

Lintner and Aaron Martens all finished in

the top-25.


Justin Lucas - Credit Jody Only