Fish for Lethargic Bass with Jig and Yamamto Baits Trailers like Brett Hite Pro Fishing Angler Does

Bass caught on jig and trailer


and fishing more methodically during the winter months.

“ This is the season when I turn to a jig, because you get into that timeframe when the fish typically want to eat one big meal rather than chasing around a bunch of shad, ” Hite said.

Expanding on the general jig premise, let ’ s look at a handful of points for improvement.


Jig weight is largely determined by depth, so while a ½-ounce bait might do the trick in shallow waters, you ’ ll want to bump up to a ¾- to 1-ounce jig for deeper spots, or any spot where current might sweep a lighter jig off target. Whatever size you choose, give some thought to what ’ s on the back end.

“ My main choice for a flipping jig trailer is the 4-inch, medium Yamamoto Craw, but if I want to condense my bait profile for more of a finesse presentation, I might go to the 3 ¾-inch Yamamoto Baby Fat Craw, ” Hite said. “ If I ’ m fishing weed mats or grass this time of year, I want a nice compact trailer so my jig doesn ’ t get hung up a lot. ”

When he wants more action in his flipping jig presentation, Hite goes with the 5-inch Yamamoto Double Tail Grub. If he feels the need to spice things up a bit, he ’ ll even put a Yamamoto Flappin ’ Hog on his flipping jig for a more active display. Tearing off a couple of the side appendages streamlines the profile and keeps the skirt from bulking unnaturally.

Despite the logic of feeding winter bass one big meal, there will be times — particularly in those dreaded post-frontal conditions — when downsizing takes precedence. FLW Tour pro Andrew Upshaw approaches tough winter bass by pitching an Outkast Tackle finesse jig; a compact bait that ’ s more likely to tempt a lethargic bass.

“ Whether the barometric pressure is high or the fishing pressure is high, the finesse jig is a great bait to approach any lake, whether it has rock, wood or grass, ” Upshaw said.

These, along with shaky heads paired with skinny finesse worms, can prove highly productive for probing docks and wood when post-frontal bass snub full size jigs. Think of it like bringing meals to a flu-stricken family member. They need to eat, but they ’ re just not going to finish and entire sandwich in