• Z-Man Project Z ProFileZ:  The Eyes Have It

    Z-Man Project Z ProFileZ: The Eyes Have It

    “If you look at a lot of the greatest saltwater lures out there, they all have one thing in common,” observes trout and redfish fanatic Ralph Phillips. “Eyes. A large, lively set of eyes. Underwater, eyes can be the trigger, the one anatomical detail that really attracts predator fish to a lure.”

  • Fishing the Ned Rig

    Fishing the Ned Rig


    There is always a new technique gaining popularity in bass fishing, a new way to rig a plastic or a new plastic style altogether. The latest craze is something I have really enjoyed fishing this year, the Ned Rig. I heard about this little finesse rig online and didn’t give it much thought, until I tried it.