A close look at the i-Class DMS

The new i-Class from Skeeter Boats has quickly become the most talked about boat on the market. Groundbreaking technology is the reason, and nothing is more groundbreaking than their new Digital Multifunctional System (DMS)

For the next few months NBW News will taking an in-depth look at various components and advances of the new i-Class from Skeeter. This edition we look at DMS.

Digital Multifunctional System (DMS)

DMS provides anglers with a level of convenience and security that has only been dreamed about in the past. DMS makes the new i-Class not just a good looking, fun boat, it makes it the smartest boat on the water.

The DMS is a universal transceiver operated by a series of buttons on the console. These buttons control the programming of all onboard systems including the new i-Force keyless entry locks on all storage compartments. The i-Force keyless locks can lock or unlock storage compartments from the driver’s side touch panel by simply entering a programmable access code.

Ever worry that your electronics or power could be turned on the evening before a big tournament? This system can be “locked down” and the touch panel “frozen” at your desired setting. Once this configuration is activated, the buttons of the panel that are active cannot be shut down, and any buttons of the touch panel in the inactive mode cannot be activated. In other words, nobody can turn on the power, electronics, bilge pumps, or livewells until you reactivate the control panel using your access code. If you had a large fish in the livewell, you could leave the livewells on the active mode and leave the rest of the configurations in a “frozen” mode.

Ever worry about the security of your equipment the night before the big launch? The advanced DMS, together with the new i-Force locks, combine for a sense of security that surrounds you! Using your personalized programmable code, you may activate the DMS, switching the i-Force locks into the “locked down” mode. Opening any door, once the system is in “locked down” mode, will cause the electronic control processor to sound an alarm. An LED light illuminates to indicate when the alarm is armed and activated. If you are concerned you will wake up to red lights on the battery charger when the alarm is in use … No worries! This system uses only 50 Milliamps in the “locked” mode (5/100 per hour).

Skeeter’s new i-Class combines the latest technology with good looks, speed and is a superb fishing platform. They have just taken quality of Skeeter boats, and raised the bar.

Go to www.skeeterboats.com to learn more about the i-Class and other boats manufactured by Skeeter, then go to your nearest dealer and get your hands on one – you’ll never let go.