A small price to pay for peace of mind

You may not think about it until it happens, but imagine what could, and would, happen to your investment if your trailer’s axle spring broke. It can and does happen, and appears to happening with more regularity today.

If a spring breaks while driving down the highway at 65 miles per hour, the damage to your boat and trailer can be extensive, not to mention the safety hazard that could lead to destruction of your tow vehicle, possible crashes into other vehicles, injuries or even loss of life. How much value do you put on that?

Research Machine Developent has come out with a new product that will save your boat, trailer and more, and you won’t have to think about it. Call it an insurance policy.

The trailer safety device is easy to install and completely effective.

How It Works

If your leaf spring breaks, the trailer safety device goes into instantaneous action. A striker built into the trailer safety device instantly activates a Co2 cartridge that inflates a rubber bag contained in a metal container and forces the trailer back to its original position. It keeps the axle aligned and provides you the opportunity to replace the spring without finding yourself stranded, or worse.

The initial investment may sound expensive, $750 per axle, but when you consider that if you break one spring the loss could be thousands, not including possible property damage and physical injuries, they are quite a bargain. If a spring breaks, you can replace the air bag and be ready to go again for about $65.

More springs are being manufactured overseas using inferior metals. There has been a shocking increase in the number of springs breaking all over the nations. This trailer safety device answers the issue.

For more information go to http://www.researchmachinedevelopment.com. or call 408-988-1785.