A sneak peek at the new Skeeter i-Class

Skeeter Boats has been known for manufacturing superb bass boats,ever since they built first boat specifically designed for bass anglers but the new i-Class is setting new standards.

The new Skeeter i-Class is the best of the best! It combines many of Skeeter’s tried and true with new innovations. They have kept their Aluminum Deck Grid System that provides superior strength and rigidity and allows lids to close tighter giving a higher level of security. They have also kept the one-piece composite subfloor and their aluminum torque transfer and stringer system that creates a direct rigid connection between the hull, engine, deck and interior. This keeps all individual components from moving independently.

There have been changes to the deck, though. For example; the rear deck has been moved back two inches and the front deck extended two inches. The gunnels are narrower, the console has been redesigned, and deck width has been increased a full four inches. The redesigned console doesn’t just look stylish, it’s functional, too. The new console improves aerodynamic lift, resists the wind better, and reduces wind roar.

The seats on the new i-Class are very different from those found on the ZX series. The new seats’ bolstered supports make it easier on everyone in the turns. The shock absorbing suspension on the new seats, due to new shock absorbing foam, that will relieve sore muscles on rough water days. The seats of the new i-Class are larger, too. The depth has been increased to 17 inches and the width by 2 inches. This was all accomplished while still providing more legroom for the passengers and driver.

Skeeter added another new twist to the i-Class by recessing the housing for the foot control for your trolling motor. This is not a new feature; other companies have offered this in the past because it allows the angler to stand more level and can help reduce back strain and sore legs. But, Skeeter has gone a step further. The mounting area for the foot control is adjustable so the angler can set the control at any angle they choose for maximum comfort. Anglers can also adjust the height of the foot control.

Digital Multifunctional System

When we talk about new technology, Skeeter’s Digital Multifunctional System (DMS) is at the front of the line.

The DMS provides added security and convenience for anglers. The universal transceiver is operated by a series of buttons on the console and can be programmed to control all onboard systems, including the livewell, keyless entry locks for your storage compartments doors, and more by simply entering a programmable access code.

You can lock any part of the systems or all of them with just a push of a button or two, and no one can change them without your access code.

If you have fish in the livewell, you can program the system to keep them aerated while locking down everything else.

Not enough? How about security? We have seen listings on Westernbass.com with some regularity about stolen boats. The new Skeeter i-Class comes standard with a security system controlled by DMS. If anyone tampers with the boat an alarm is set off and an LED light is illuminated, warning the owner. Don’t worry about the system using too much power through the night, in the locked mode the security system only uses 50 milliamps of power.

You have to have a trailer

The boat sounds wonderful, but if you have a stylish, classy boat, you need a stylish, classy trailer to go with it.

The Skeeter i-Class comes with a trailer that is stylish, classy and extremely practical. The new Torsion, Rigid Frame and suspension provide a firm grip on the road and superb riding comfort. There is even an aluminum step mounted on the front of the trailer to assist anglers accessing the front of the boat.

The EuroStep polymer fenders are far better than fiberglass fenders because of their resistance to impact. The fenders can absorb impacts of 10,000 PSI and will not chip or crack on impact like fiberglass can.

Great! But, what about where it counts?

At the recent Skeeter Dealers Meeting held at Table Rock, John Barron of National Bass West took the i-Class out on the lake and ran it through the mill.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Barron. “We tried everything to blow the prop out and couldn’t do it. When we learned it wasn’t designed with a splash well, we tried everything we could think of to get backsplash but nothing caused a backsplash.”

Style, class and technology are always a plus, but how did the boat fish.

“I have always loved my ZX-225 because of its stability, but the i-Class is superior,” said Barron. “It was like fishing from an island. What amazed me though, was that Skeeter didn’t give up any on-water performance to enhance fishability. The boat is fast, handles extremely well and gives the passengers a wonderful feeling of security.”

It didn’t matter if the boat was matched to a Yamaha 225 or 250 HPDI, both are fast and dependable.

Fit and finish was another area of interest to everyone at the event. Many said that the boat just feels more complete, and that everything was tight. Small details have made the difference.

“I couldn’t wait,” said Barron. “I had to order the 20i with a 250.”

Contact your local Skeeter dealer and take a look at the new i-Class. The 20i and 21i are ready to be ordered and the new 22i will be available in January 2006.