Angler Squat Excercise Helps In Boat

Whether an angler is out on a boat, standing on a bank, or wading in the water, it is often required that he bend over to lift in order to change his environment. Often times a lunge or single leg squat must be performed to accomplish a particular task.

Not only do you need the strength to perform this movement, but you must have adequate balance so you do not fall (either on your face or in the water).

The Single Leg Squat as an exercise to improve strength and balance is used when doing conditioning for any type of sport (which includes fishing). Its functional use goes without saying as well as it being a good total lower body strengthening exercise. It should be noted that as you increase your strength in each leg your balance will improve. As your balance and strength improve, your endurance should improve. If your strength, balance and endurance improve your chances of catching fish improve because fatigue will not play a role in your tournament or recreational fishing capabilities. Here is an exercise you can do at home without any equipment.

For the unfit: Stand tall on one leg with your arms in the attack position. Lower your body (maintaining your attack position) from 2-6 inches, increasing your depth and reps as you increase your strength.

For the relatively fit: Place cones or chairs, boxes, (etc.) in a half circle. Stand tall in the middle of the half circle, on one leg with your arms in the attacked position, extending your un-weighted leg straight in front with your un-weighted hip at a 45 degree angle in relation to your leg. Pick one side to use for your upper body. Now bend your weighted knee 2-6 inches reaching out with your upper body and touch the chair never losing your attack position on your stationary side. Stand back up, squat again and touch the next chair/box or whatever object you are using. Repeat across the half circle and return back. Then switch sides. As your strength increases, increase your depth and reps or put your boots on for increased resistance.