Attention Bass Clubs Looking for Bass Club Insurance

Sawyer Cook Insurance/ American Bass Club Liability Program!

1 Million Limits with a 2 Milllion per club

Cost is $395.00 plus a $20.00 afiliation charge per club only

All club sanctioned events are covered, meetings, board meetings, tournaments and charity events, except “open events to the public” (they cost $100. each with a 3 event max. per year)

NO rosters to send in during the rest of the year after sending in applications, club roster and fees!
NO concerns for club size as long as club is under 100 members!
NO additional charges for naming lakes or parks as additional insureds!

Each club will receive an invitation to the Nitro Bass Club Challenge where on clubs in the program are allowed, where a no pro’s, top six, team tournament format is used on Lake Havasu in November.

For more information, Log on to the and check out club liability or contact Al Grout at Sawyer Cook Insurance ( Or call the offices of Sawyer Cook Insurance at 800-655-2814.