Bass-A-Thon the ‘next big thing’

Anglers Marine Does It Right

The Anglers Marine Bass-A-Thon is the biggest bass fishing party and sale of the Year. Set for Nov. 13-14, the event will feature an all-star lineup of fishing professionals. There is no other place or event in the west where so many top name bass anglers will gather and be so willing to share their knowledge and divulge their winning secrets.

Oh sure the Bass-A-Thon will be headlined by the likes of this year’s 2004 Bassmasters Classic winner Takihiro Omori. “TO” as he is known, will tell all in his unique style, as well as, The B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year, Gerald Swindle, former Californian and 2-time Angler of the Year Gary Klein, NorCal ace Skeet Reese (recently voted California’s best bass angler), big bass legend Mike Long of Poway and Aaron Martens the 2004 WON BASS US Open Champion.

The Anglers Marine Bass-A-thon has long been touted as the place to see and buy the latest and greatest in new tackle offerings… and this year will be no different. With over 100 exhibitors in attendance you’ll been able to find all the secret baits or tackle to give you that competitive edge. From the all-new custom Huddleston big bass baits to three brand products form Robo Worms and every trick Japanese bait, it’ll be there… So should you!

For more information call Angler Marine in Anaheim at 714-666-2628