CELEBRATION, Fla. - July 29, 2005 – BASS announced today the launch of BASS Angler Championship TV Games™ based on ESPN’s BASS franchise.  BASS TV Games is the latest title from JAKKS Pacific’s award-winning Plug It In & Play TV Games® brand. This new TV Games™ title packs the most realistic bass fishing action in just a single controller and is currently hitting retailers nationwide. Bass fishing fans will be the first to reel in a BASS TV Games unit at the CITGO Bassmaster Classic in Pittsburgh, Pa., starting Friday, July 29th.  

The BASS Angler Championship TV Games™ controller features real life fishing elements such as weather, temperature and water conditions; more than 30 different types of lures and six unique lakes to create the most realistic, true-to-life BASS fishing experience, all for the suggested retail price of $20. Based on the popular sport of professional bass fishing, BASS TV Games has all the content built right into the controller. Two game modes include a tournament and customizable arcade mode; three mini games; multiple fishing variants in two levels of difficulty and a save feature to store high scores. The patent pending controller is shape like a fishing reel with force feedback vibration so gamers can have a realistic fishing experience.  

The TV Games controller is a plug and play gaming system that contains multiple games in one single controller. All that is needed are batteries and a TV -- no videogame consoles are required. Simply plug the TV Games controller into the A/V jacks of any standard television set, turn it on and play! The lightweight, compact, all-inclusive controller houses a combination of videogames with all of the hardware and software built right in. This technology allows gaming fans to enjoy a number of videogames with just one single purchase.  

BASS Angler Championship TV Games™ retails for approximately $19.99 and will be available at mass merchants, electronics, toy and specialty retailers nationwide this summer.  

About BASS:  

BASS is the world's largest fishing organization, sanctioning more than 20,000 tournaments worldwide through its Federation. The CITGO Bassmaster Tournament Trail is the oldest and most prestigious pro bass fishing tournament circuit and continues to set the standard for credibility, professionalism and sportsmanship as it has since 1968. Coming in 2006 are an expanded Tour schedule to 11 events, three Majors tournaments and the Women’s Bassmaster Tour.

The 2005 CITGO Bassmaster Classic will receive unprecedented coverage on ESPN and ESPN2 this year. A total of 12 hours of programming will be devoted to Classic tournament coverage from July 29-31.