Bass Angler's Guide Founder Mark Lassagne Starts Off Season Right

Bass Angler’s Guide pro Mark Lassagne cracks the top 20 at the FLW Stren Series opener at Lake Shasta on January 11th. Weighing 15 spotted bass for 24lbs -15oz Lassagne placed 17th.

Viewing the current conditions and a limited pre-fish Lassagne said he concentrated his efforts on the main lake area near the Dam knowing it would be the least affected by the incoming rain water.

Armed with two jigs Mark targeted points in 20-40 foot of water looking only for quality fish. Key baits were a ¼ oz SPRO Mean Green jig with a brown and green 3 inch grub to get a limit and then a 1 oz football jig with a 5 inch brown and blue grub for the better quality fish. Mark fished ¼ oz jig on 6 lb and the 1 ton on 15 lb fluorocarbon line both baits were kept soaked with Pro Cure Super Gel Crawfish scent.

Lassagne says, "To find these fish you needed a point with a gradual slope 10 ft into about 50 to 60 ft with a rock pile in between. The heavy jig was pretty much the only way to find these key spots, then once you found one you could get a 2 -5 fish off it."

Havasu is the next stop on the FLW Stren Series trail, where were looking for another good finish from Mark.