Bass Anglers Guide, “magazine” is building a team of motivated anglers

Have you seen the new book? We pride ourselves as being cutting edge, innovative, performing the impossible. From day one, starting from scratch we gave birth to the Bass Anglers Guide with a concept of “Building a Better Angler” bringing to you what no one else has. (Unbiased event information) Now, not only do we provide this data we have key information for all levels of Bass Anglers. We are possibly the only sponsoring company in the industry which can help you gain media exposure (recognition) and the possibility other sponsorships.

We are looking for anglers in various geographical areas to help with a mixture of promotional functions. Our team members will help with business building and distribution in their area. This not just an association sponsorship you will be compensated and be able to work directly with other sponsoring companies.

Don’t wait these spots will go fast! Only one angler or team will be accepted per area.

If you’re interested, send your resume, your area and information to: (email is best)


Bass Anglers Guide
PO Box 27274
Concord, CA 94527-0274
Fax 925-229-5484

Information will be reviewed and a reply will be sent to possible candidates