“BASS BOSS” Ray Scott Special Guest At Springfield Bass Pro Shop

PINTLALA, ALABAMA—Known around the world as “Mr. Bass,” Ray Scott, founder of BASS (the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society) will make an appearance at the Springfield, MO. Bass Pro Shop March 18 and 19. Scott will be in the store from noon to 4 p.m. each day as well as give a 30-minute seminar at 2 p.m. each day.

As national spokesman for Mustang Survival, Inc., the well-known boating and safety advocate will introduce the special Mustang Competition Vest, worn by the pros during BASS/ESPN tournaments.

“If you watched the recent Bassmaster Classic in Orlando, you saw all the pros wearing this outstanding unit,” says Scott. “I had to breathe a sigh of relief they had their vests on the last day. The weather was awful—windy, cold, rough. It was just the kind of weather I dreaded in the early days of my tournaments when these kind of vests were simply not available.”

Scott is referring to the compact, low-profile Mustang PFD (personal flotation device) that inflates automatically when immersed in water. “They’re so comfortable ,” says Scott “that the pros keep them on all day because they forget they’re even wearing a vest. They don’t interfere with casting or any other activity and that’s very important when you’re fishing for half-a-million bucks.”

“More important,” Scott continues “the vest is designed to keep your head out of water if you’re injured or unconscious.

Mustang survival is the official PFD of BASS and is a sponsor of the BASS/ESPN tournament series. The company has been creating life support and survival solutions for over 35 years. It is a leading supplier of quality flotation and hypothermia protection products to the most demanding users—from fishermen and sailors and power boaters to the U. S. Coast Guard, jet fighter pilots and even NASA astronauts.

Scott will also unveil Mustang’s very latest technological innovation in PFD’s, the Deluxe HT model with Hydrostatic Inflator.

“Don’t let the name scare you,” says Scott. “It just means the inflation mechanism is triggered when the unit is submerged only four inches below the water’s surface. At the same time it is not sensitive to rain or water spray or even humidity. Not only that, it inflates instantly to a bright yellow and includes a strobe light holder and safety whistle. These folks don’t miss a trick when it comes to safety and saving lives.”

As founder of the world’s largest sportfishing organization and professional fishing tournaments, Scott has worked tirelessly to bring fishing and boating safety to public awareness over the last 35 years.

“It’s truly ironic that Mustang and BASS were both on the same track all that time,” says Scott. “It is a great experience to be working with individuals so dedicated to the issue of safety and survival. Like I tell everyone, the first piece of equipment that should go into a boat is a safety vest. No exceptions.”

For more information contact Ray Scott Outdoors or Mustang Survival, Inc.