On Monday, Aug. 15th, BASS and ESPN Outdoors met with both PAA and non-PAA members to openly discuss future tournament plans. Since that time, there have been significant omissions and gross misrepresentations made by the Professional Anglers Association. Furthermore, we categorically disagree with assertions made by PAA leadership questioning the long-time stability and success of the Bassmaster Tour. We view their comments as baseless and without merit.  

To clarify our position, every angler in attendance expressed individual support of:  

• A $5,000 entry fee and a total unprecedented prize purse of $11,276,350, or an average of $112,763 per angler, based on a 100-person field.  

• The CITGO Bassmaster Angler of the Year payout increasing by 100 percent and paying down to 50 places in 2006.  

• A plan for Elite Series anglers to take advantage of a brand-building opportunity by wrapping their boats with the sponsor of their choice.  

BASS will announce complete details of its plans next week.  

BASS will continue to communicate directly with all anglers who fish our events to ensure the accuracy of our message.  

For more information, contact BASS Communications at (407) 566-2208 or visit