"Battle of the Brands"

When the so-called ”dog days” of summertime arrive, many anglers “call it a day”, and put away their fishing gear to wait for the cooler days of fall to arrive. After all, who needs to go out in 100+ degree weather looking for fish that have almost certainly moved to deeper water and seem to have to be bribed into biting?

But not surprisingly, there are now many anglers who may have - at one time, had this attitude but have since discovered a time-tested and fun method to no only catch bass during the “dog days” but BIG BASS as well. Top water frog fishing is not a new phenomenon by any stretch of the imagination, as many of the west's top pro's who have won big money using the technique will quickly point out. But as the FPT season now turns towards it's series of upcoming summertime events to be held on the California Delta, FPT competitors looking for an edge, and a way to stay inside the FPT Classic “qualifying bubble” would do well to learn as much as possible - as quickly as possible about this deadly summertime fishing technique.

Educating and developing the skills of beginning to intermediate level anglers is an important part in keeping with the FPT's mission statement ”A Great Place To Learn", and to this end the FPT will host a closed “Frog challenge” event - within the FPT's regularly scheduled August 12th event dubbed “Battle of the Brands” – The Ultimate Frog Challenge. This frog challenge event will feature a wide variety of the industries top frog baits, fished in head-to-head competition by pro-staff teams selected by each manufacturer. Each manufacturer will be allowed to submit up to three teams to represent their product in competition, and teams will be launched after the regular FPT event teams are launched, to fish against each other for the perpetual “Top Frog” trophy, and a separately funded winner-take-all purse of up to $3,000!

Think about it

all the major frog baits in one place at one time battling it out in head-to-head competition Snag Proof's Bobby's Perfect Frog, River2Sea's new Croaker series, Scum Frog, Reaction Innovation's Swamp Donkey, Sumo Frog, Kanji Custmize series, and the all new frogbait by Optimum/Deps called the “Furbit Series”, winner of this year's “Best of Show” award for new soft bait products at the 2006 ICAST trade show in Las Vegas. And you can get a chance to preview all of these baits at the FPT's traditional pre-registration seminar to be held Friday Aug 11th, the day before the event at the Hook Line & Sinker tackle store in Oakley. All frog manufacturers pro-staff members will be on hand to conduct demo tank seminars on how to use each frog bait, as well as the proper line, rod and reel applications for each.

Other top delta pros such as Ranger/Evinrude pro Tony Franceschi, FLW/Stren touring pro Aaron Coleman, and the “king of the delta rats”, Andy Cuccia will be on hand to provide one-on-one instruction for anyone that needs their assistance figuring out the delta. There will also be a BBQ, and a raffle for premium prizes for all that attend – even if you are not fishing in Saturday's FPT event. All pre-registration seminar festivities will begin at 4pm and conclude at 7pm at the Hook Line & Sinker tackle store in Oakley (925)625-2241.

Late registrations for the event will be taken at Russo's the morning of the event from 4 to 6am, with a per-event registration fee of only $5 per person.

So come on out, meet the pros, and join the Future Pro Tour for the biggest event of the year – with an added twist of "frog action" thrown in just for fun.

See you all there!

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