Berkley's BIG BASS Challenge comes back to the California delta

BETHEL ISLAND, Calif. – That old saying: “It ain't over till it’s over” was never illustrated more clearly than in last year’s inaugural BERKLEY BIG BASS Challenge event, where amateur level bass fisherman Pete Moore shocked the crowd and himself and captured the first ever Berkley BIG BASS Challenge title, a single “Big Fish” event held on the California delta last October, which captured the minds and imaginations of both novice and pro level anglers.

“Last year, was a pretty tough year for me, as I had been going through a string of personal circumstances”, Pete shared with those in attendance at the awards presentations. I decided to fish the BERKLEY BIG BASS Challenge because it was an inexpensive way for me to have fun PLUS have a good chance at winning some cash for catching a fish. And although I’m just an amateur, I figured I had just as good a chance as anybody of catching a big fish on the California delta…and boy was I right!”

That event was the 2008 BERKLEY BIG BASS Challenge and for 2009, it’s coming back to the California delta on June 6-7, out of Russo’s Marina, bringing with it more fun and bigger payouts than ever before!

Its format is truly unique in that it matches angling skill with a weigh-in strategy. Each competition day consists of a six-hour period, where anglers can weigh-in their single largest fish. Some anglers who participated in last year’s event called it bass fishing’s version of “Texas hold em”. Each hour anglers bring one fish to the scales to try to stay in the running for a chance to receive one of the seven hourly cash awards (over $1,300 given out each hour), with $500.00 being given for the biggest fish of the hour. The angler with the biggest fish each hour will also qualify as a "Top 12" finalist, and at the end of the event, will have a chance to win the keys to a new Toyota Tundra, valued at $28,000!

The catch is that ONLY Berkley baits can be used during the Challenge.

You heard right…seven checks per hour, for two days straight, OVER $16,000 IN CASH , with the top 12 hourly big fish winners having a chance to win a brand new Toyota Tundra truck, all for a $150 per person entry fee that covers you for both days. And, if those “honey do’s” get you boxed in, where you simply can’t fish both days, you can still get in on the fun, as you can signup for the one-day entry fee of just $100 dollars.

And that’s not the best part. The new Toyota Tundra, along with the seven per hour/per day checks, are GUARANTEED to be given away…regardless of the size of the field!

Anglers arriving Friday, the day before the event at Russo’s Marina, will have the opportunity to attend seminars hosted by Berkley pro-staff. The Berkley Experience trailer, a 70 foot plus rolling event center, will be on site from Friday until the final weigh-in and awards on Sunday. The trailer features Interactive presentation screens, Wii video games, a knot tying station and competition, bait demonstration tanks, PLUS Russo’s will be under the big tent ready to supply all of your Berkley bait needs so that you will be prepared for the next day’s competition. And save your empty BERKLEY GULP! and POWERBAIT bags as we will host a big raffle at the end of event where you can trade your bags for raffle tickets!

So don’t miss out on this chance to fish another fun and exciting event that is close to home, inexpensive, being held on a body of water well-known for BIG fish, and carries an unbelievable payback!

More information, rules, and event particulars can be found on, or you can email us at If you need to speak with someone in person about the event, you can always call us at 916-768-0938, and we will be happy to get you registered over the phone.

Stay tuned…as more details will be forthcoming as the event draws near.

See you all at the BERKLEY BIG BASS Challenge!

Angler’s Press