C.A.S.T. for Kids & Largemouth Release on Folsom

On June 22nd the Folsom Bass Team and Fishing Depot together put on their first C.A.S.T. (Catch A Special Thrill) for Kids event on Folsom Lake. Teaming up supporting were members of the Golden State Bass Club, Loomis Basin Masters, Manteca Bass Club and WesternBass.Com. C.A.S.T for Kids is a nation wide program for handicapped or under privilege children. Participating in this event were 31 Kids getting their first opportunity to go bass fishing and experience the thrill of a ride in a bass boat. Fishing rods, tackle boxes and a full barbeque was provided to each of the kids. Local companies such as Safeway and Frito-Lay contributed to the success of the event.

What made this event even more special, the Folsom Bass Team and the Golden State Bass club, through conservation fund raising programs, contributed in planting with the supervision of the DF&G nearly 1,000 Largemouth Florida Strain Bass. The fish were loaded in each bass boat and the kids got the opportunity to distribute the fish throughout the lake.

This event was a complete success in many ways, conservation work done by the local clubs to put something back into the lake to preserve our fishery. In addition, giving the kids the opportunity and participate in the collaborative effort. The Folsom Bass Team 15 years in existence and over 70 members and the Golden State Club recognized for their annual conservation tournament hope to make this an annual event.

We hope to grow this event even bigger in the future and bring in other Bass organizations.

Once again, we would like to offer special thanks to Scott Hamman, President of the Folsom Bass Team, Mike Petrinovich, Bureau of Reclamation, for their work in coordinating this event.

Additional recognition and thanks to the Loomis Basin Bass Masters, Manteca Bass Club, Golden State Bass Club and the Fishing Depot for their help and Contributions.