Camanche Lake

Well it's back to what I love to do and that is fishing deep. This foothill lake with its 53 miles of shoreline, island tops, stumps, creek channels, riprap dicks then add clear water, makes this lake one of the best fisheries in the area. Camanche Lake has two launch sites, South Shore & North Shore; take your pick. As I paid for a day of fishing with my partner, I was charged, $7.00 for the entry and $6.00 for the boat also $3.00 per person for the fishing permit making the total cost of $19.00 for the day.

Now let's break this down; $13.00 to launch the boat. You will find places on the Delta that cost you $12.00. Now as for the $3.00 fishing permit per person, that fee is applied to the re-stocking program, Trout and Bass. I fished the whole day and I didn't even burn 6 gallons of gas, add that to the other cost, in my book that a cheep day on the water.

Camanche has two stores. Both have over 4,000 items on hand, plus at North Shore a coffee shop is open on Saturday and Sunday from 7am-1pm with more days and longer hours late in the spring.

My day on the lake was great. I fished with Camanche Jack, who is the owner of Camanche Jack's Hand Pored Worms. We started our day fishing the deep water side of island tops around the middle of the lake in 12 to 30 feet of water. We moved around a little but fished the same type of structure throughout the day. The better fish came from the islands tops with trees. Fishing spinning rods with 6 to 10lb test Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon line is your best bet due to the clear water, it worked for us. Splitshotten and Carolina style fishing was the call for the day. When fishing smack dab in the middle of a weather front, with no wind and no water movement makes it tough this time of year. You must fish slow I mean real slow, so slow that your hook rusts. We worked 4 inch Leech, 4 inch Creature and the new 4 inch Water Dragon in the colors Oxblood, Watermelon, Purple Weenie and Camanche Jack Special. At the days end we boated 15 fish up to 3 lb, so I hope this helps. Good Luck on your next day out on Lake Camanche.

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