Camanche set for FPT Central Valley this Saturday

IONE, Ca – Well off the beaten path of most tournament schedules lies a lake that many bass anglers would just as soon see kept off the list of lakes visited by tournament trails.

Due in no small part to it's reputation for producing good amounts of quality Florida strain largemouth bass, Lake Camanche, located in the heart of central California's historic Motherlode foothills region, will be a welcome venue for Future Pro Tour central valley anglers as it makes it's third stop of the season this coming Saturday.

And, because of it's unfamiliarity to many anglers that fish the central region, this particular venue adds somewhat of a “wildcard” to the mix, making the race for Future Pro Tour Classic berths, and the Angler of the Year title, that much more difficult and for sure a bit more exciting.

“We’re really looking forward to this event”, noted Ryan and Larry Accardo of Fresno, who currently sit third in the overall points standings. Yes…it's going to be different, and I personally haven't fished the lake in many, many years, but that's the kind of challenge we are looking for and why we fish a Tour like this one”, he added.

As with many of northern California's lakes, the water level at press time is well below its 7700 surface acre full pool capacity, but for those that are willing to take the “glass is half full” approach; these conditions could well make locating fish a very easy and profitable undertaking.

And to help those not too familiar with Lake Comanche get a good handle on where to go and which baits to use this time of year, veteran Ranger Pro Don Payne will be on hand to share his knowledge regarding Comanche Lake with those that attend our optional pre-registration seminar, which will again be held at C&C Marine in Modesto from 4-7pm this Friday. There will also be a great FREE raffle for premium tackle, and refreshments for all in attendance.

Don Payne fishes Lake Camanche several times a week and knows this lake extremely well. Don is very open and upfront with detailed information and will help to you prepare to be more competitive come game day….so don't miss out!

We will be launching out of the North Shore ramp, at safelight, and will be taking late signups at the marina store the morning of the event, where limited memberships of just $5 per angler will be available for those that want to try out FPT events.

Please arrive early as you will be required to have your boat inspected for Quagga Mussel infestation. There is no getting around it guys, so arrive early, with your inspection form filled out, and you will be less likely to get stressed out about the inspection process. (Quagga Inspection forms can be found on the FPT website.)

So let's get ready to bring it to Camanche and see if the big bass are ready to play!

See you all there!



Vince Harris
President/Director, Future Pro Tour Tournament Trails