Club Affiliation Offered by Top Stick Joes

In an effort to support the weekender, the Top Stick Joes circuit is offering a ‘club’ deal. If your club signs up as an affiliated club, your angler can earn points toward prizes for your club year end banquet. Prize packages for the top three affiliated clubs will be listed on soon.

To be an affiliated club costs the club nothing. All the club will need is to have one or more members fishing the Top Stick Joes this coming season and your club becomes an affiliated member club. Club affiliation sign up will begin in November and will be a simple process. This will all be listed on the website soon.

Your club representative will accumulate points for the club. His points will also go towards the year end prize packages that will be awarded to your club for the annul awards banquet. If your club does not have a banquet the prize package will be awarded for a raffle for your club members.

The more club members fishing the Top Stick Joes the more points your club can accrue and the better chance you have for the year end prize package. The prizes will consist of tackle and product of the Top Stick Joes sponsors. As soon as the total packages are put together they will be announced on “Joes” page.

As the Top Stick Joes circuit evolves there will be other offers for affiliated clubs including if your member wins a Top Stick Joes event they could win Pizza for your next club meeting or tackle for raffles at your club meeting. Your club could also win one of your club tournaments hosted by The Top Stick Tour. Watch for more details on our website coming soon.

John Barron
The “Top tick tour”