Dave Rush Joins Powell

Dave Rush, who is one of the most consistent and most well respected Western anglers of all time, has joined the Powell rod team. Dave has won numerous tournaments as well as numerous anglers of the year titles during his career. “I’ve known Keith for a long time. In fact, I new him before he owned Powell. He was always designing different rods with different looks and great actions. I’m happy to be able to help critique and add input where needed from a fisherman’s perspective.” Keith Bryan, President of Powell says: “Having Dave join our team was an obvious choice for us; he’s smart, an excellent fisherman, detailed, thorough, and one heck of a great guy with the utmost integrity.

Our rod design team has many years of rod design experience coupled with years of experience in composite technology research and development. When you combine our designer’s expertise in the actual design and development of the product, with good input, only then do you get rods built with exceptional quality and high performance characteristics necessary for today’s fisherman. The Powell name has been around for 96 years. As we continue to grow, our main focus is to provide products with the highest quality standards which we’ve always done, backed by superior customer service. All of our Bass Rods are sold through retailers only. So go to your nearest Powell retailer and ask to see one of our rods. To find a Powell retailer near you, please visit our website at www.powellco.com, or call us at (415) 382-9745.