Delta's "Dynamic Duo" host this Friday's FPT seminar

ROCKLIN Ca, - In the same way Gotham City had Batman & Robin, the San Francisco 49ers had Montana-Rice, and Lakers fans enjoyed the Shaq-Kobe dynasty, we too in northern California are fortunate to have our own pair of stellar performers. Two premier anglers that while they are not team partners, are simply regarded by many as two of the best and most consistently successful anglers to ever fish the California Delta – Bobby Barrack and Steve Sapp.

And on Friday June 3rd , at the West Marine store in Antioch, during the Future Pro Tour's traditional pre-registration seminar you will get the opportunity to hear what these two outstanding anglers, and FPT Pro Support Staff members have to say about fishing the California Delta in the late spring:

Steve Sapp - Few can argue that pro angler Steve Sapp's very name is synonymous with bass fishing excellence - especially when it comes to the California Delta. Having won 3 fully rigged boats in B.A.S.S Open competition, this Manteca resident and Ranger Pro, is known for his consistency and dominance throughout the year – in all conditions. He is viewed by many of his fellow competitors as perhaps the best “swing for swing” angler there is on the river.

Bobby Barrack - the undisputed master of the SnagProof Frog, (as featured in his popular video “Just One More Cast”), is a wily delta veteran and will talk about the various topwater methods he uses to catch delta bass and what you need to do to stay on top of a pattern during tournament situations. Be ready to see why Bobby is a consistent top finisher in all major competitions on the river, and why he is widely referred to as the “Frogmaster”.

In addition to this, Ranger Pro Charley Almassey , a veteran of the western “bass wars”, who is an accomplished “delta stick” in his own right, (he took an impressive 5th place in this year's FLW/Stren series delta event) will also be on hand to give Future Pro Tour anglers one-on-one instruction to help them fill in the missing pieces of the challenging delta puzzle.

Special appearance by Dee Thomas!

Freshwater Hall of Fame inductee and industry-acknowledged “Father of Flippin”, Dee Thomas may “stop in” to visit and greet Future Pro Anglers attending this optional pre-registration seminar. Having won just about every professional bass fishing title there is to win – including a 1975 B.A.S.S national title on Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas, and a ninth place Bassmaster Classic finish (1975) where he placed higher than Bill Dance, Roland Martin, Jimmy Houston, and Al Linder, this “living legend” is proud of what he has accomplished in his career and is totally satisfied with staying close to home and his beloved California delta.

Again, this optional pre-registration seminar will be held on June 9th, from 4:30 to 7pm at West Marine's Pittsburg store (off Somersville Rd - (925) 778-1560). In addition to the great seminars, there will be a free BBQ, and a free raffle for premium prizes making it a fun time for everyone in attendance..

We would like to thank each one of these FPT Pro Support Staff members for their support of the Future Pro Tour, and providing the anglers we serve with information it took many of them a lifetime of fishing to obtain. Their dedication and support truly underscores their commitment to helping grow this sport we love so much.

So when you see any of them at the boat shows or on the water . Be sure to take a minute to thank them for their outstanding efforts.

Hope to see you all there!

Vince Harris – Director, Future Pro Tour Tournament Trails

(916) 768-0938