Fishing forum overhaul: New owner gives WesternBass an extreme makeover

Fishing forum frequenters have found some exciting new changes at WesternBass as the “top information source for bass fishing west of the Rockies” has undergone an extreme makeover. Following its recent change in ownership, the longtime staple for internet bass business has a new look, new features, a new attitude; in short, a whole new experience.

After announcing his recent purchase of the site, Wayne Wasulko gave a heads up this week to viewers on his ideas for the revamp. With more concepts on the horizon, visionary Mr. Wasulko took a break from his work on the website renovation yesterday and shared some foresight into what more will come to fruition in the near future.

Some of the innovations have already begun to pop up others will be noticeable over the next week.

One of the fresh new features offered will be the Guide Service pages. With Ultimate Bass Radio host, Kent Brown heading the section, the aspiration for the guide service area is to include a list of available guides at each body of water, the lakes they serve and the guide’s fishing reports submitted several times monthly.

Another amenity of the makeover will include Tournament Director boards. The goal of the TD division will allow for Directors of any level tournament, in any location to immediately upload the top finishers of any event via computer, iPad or iPhone, in order to share tournament results in a nearly real-time manner.

Already beginning to make an appearance is the creation of the “If Fish Could Talk” and “Magazine Nostalgia” boards. “If Fish Could Talk” focuses on the environment and will strive to keep fishermen knowledgeable about the conditions of the areas they fish. “Magazine Nostalgia” highlights classic editions of print publications in an online magazine format. At present, four issues of the West Coast Bass magazine from the eighties are in the spotlight.

In attempt to promote a symbiotic relationship with the fishermen and the site, as well as the sponsors, rollover ads have been put into place. Wasulko explained this type of promotion provides an interactive experience for the angler. The ads are slated to update monthly with new offers and information.

As for the aesthetics and navigation, the overhaul has been embraced by the participants and complimented by tons.

Modifying the focus of the site to encompass a greater area, Wasulko stated, “WesternBass will no longer be a Northern California platform; our goal is to make it the most actively participated bass fishing forum in the United States”.

With the fundamental goal of the site being the nation’s hotspot for “fisherman to talk fishing”, Wasulko wants to do his utmost to make the website a “positive place for the fishermen and for the sponsors”. He posted this comment to reiterate that fact, “This website is a well oiled machine where the sponsors and fishermen co-mingle, so let’s do our best to make comments positive and courteous; My absolute goal is to make this site the best and most respectable place”.