BENTON, Ky. (Feb. 20, 2006) - FLW Outdoors and The Bass Federation announced Monday a joint sponsorship with the National Guard that will provide unprecedented financial support to TBF State Federations and affiliated clubs nationwide. The new commitment comes in addition to FLW Outdoors' previous pledge of approximately $3 million per year in cash, membership discounts, membership services and marketing promotions in support of The Bass Federation programs nationwide.

Beginning immediately, the National Guard will play a pivotal role in helping TBF clubs nationwide expand the scope of their extraordinary work in the areas of conservation and youth fishing programs, thus helping to ensure a vibrant future for generations of anglers to come.

"I've said on many occasions that I am proud of the mutually beneficial and respectful relationship that we've forged with FLW Outdoors," said Robert Cartlidge, president of The Bass Federation Inc. "When we voted to form an alliance, we set out to ensure a vibrant and independent future for TBF clubs nationwide and to promote our members' incredible contributions to youth and conservation. Today, I'm proud to say we've taken tremendous strides toward achieving those goals."

As part of its new sponsorship agreement, the National Guard will provide tremendous support by contributing to TBF State Federations and affiliated clubs nationwide for use in establishing or enhancing conservation programs and youth fishing programs. Additionally, the National Guard will provide hats and T-shirts to all members of the TBF/FLW Outdoors alliance in support of youth and conservation programs.

"While there are a few details yet to be finalized, there is no doubt that the National Guard's commitment will raise the profile and support of TBF and FLW Outdoors conservation efforts to new heights throughout the United States," said FLW Outdoors Chairman Irwin L. Jacobs. "The National Guard's sincere commitment to FLW Outdoors, The Bass Federation and our nation's youngest anglers is moving, to say the least. As Americans, we all need to recognize the National Guard's commitment to making life better, not only in times of war or natural disaster, but every day, through the many things that they do for our communities and citizens that never make headlines."

Colonel Richard Guzzetta, chief of the Strength Maintenance Division in the Army National Guard said: "Teamwork, excellence, and commitment to family and community. That is what the National Guard stands for. It's also clear that we share these fundamental values with FLW Outdoors and The Bass Federation. We are thrilled to join these quality organizations in advancing a worthwhile cause. Together, we represent the best of America, and we look forward to supporting a longstanding commitment to our nation's children and conservation of our natural resources." Additional FLW Outdoors and The Bass Federation sponsorship announcements will be forthcoming in the months ahead. "There are substantial opportunities and benefits on the horizon for TBF and FLW Outdoors members," Jacobs said.

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