Fly Lines Made Simple

The OmniSpool--Fly Lines Made Simple

This creative set of gadgets makes simple work of the angler’s collection of fly lines, something that until now has been neglected, with a carefully thought out set of features that focus on ease of use whilst also handling rod, reel and line – you don’t need help from a friend or the extra hands you don’t have. The modular system revolves around the Switchbox, a light but tough shell containing an integrated spool to fit most all line sizes. The line is fed through a guide in the drum and spooled with the use of a removable Crank Handle, specially grooved to allow the line to pass through it, and which can used right or left handed.

When closed, the Switchbox protects against dirt, salt etc., is tough enough to stand the rigours of the use it’s designed for and ensures the condition of your lines when you need them. And it’s see-though so you can still see what’s inside it. Innovative exterior clips allow them to be stacked together for storage or travel. Lines can be spooled with the Switchbox open or closed; you can even change your mind half way through. A one-touch release enables the box to be opened one-handed, and using the same clip , the spool holder can then be attached to the second half of the shell, using it as a base to sit upright for spooling line on or off. In this position, it can be clipped to more stacked Switchboxes for support, secured to a table, or just held down with a well positioned foot, leaving the hands free to handle rod and reel.

Whilst spooling line back into the Switchbox, you can also clean and treat your lines with the use of the LineCarebox: designed with equal care, the LineCarebox locks onto the Switchbox, allowing both to be handled as one unit. The box houses a rotatable lining, divided into two sections: the first half cleans the line and the second, with the addition of a line treatment of your choice, coats it on the way back into the Switchbox. It can of course also be used out in the field on its own, too, independent of the Switchbox.

Arbor Spacers allow for a choice of wider arbors to suit individual preferences and the variations in fly line sizing.

“Fishermen, get organized; travel and fish smart. With Omnispool, you can use your lines to the full: store, clean; protect, collect. Change ‘em quick; load and unload fast. Switch - change lines when you should – be a better angler. And you can forget spare reel spools… Omnispool for your lines means top performance and a longer useful life and they'll afford you efficiency, speed, and robust reliability.”

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