FPT's Central Valley Anglers ready for a taste of Delta

BETHEL ISLAND, Calif - “There is always room for Jello”, a pitch man once said in a 70s TV commercial implying that no matter how full one gets, they can never turn away an offering so light and tasty. And though the Future Pro Tour's central valley anglers have feasted all year long on an exceptionally rich diet of lakes in their part of the state, you can be sure that they won't turn down the tasty California Delta event being offered them at the upcoming August 26 th event hosted by Russo's Marina.

Ryan and Larry Accardo, currently in 2nd place in the Angler of the Year points race, who admittedly are none too familiar with it's wicked maze of sloughs and waterways, are very anxious to get acquainted with what is sure to be an educational adventure. “We've been waiting all year for the Delta” said Ryan, a resident of Fresno who fishes with his dad Larry. "Everything looks good, the water, the cover, everything"! He pointed out with enthusiasm. But win, lose or draw we are going to come out swingin”!

And swing they must if they hope to keep the team of Dana MaGriff and Bobby Tilford – two strong delta fisherman who are breathing down their necks and hoping to “bump them off” and capture the prestigious Future Pro Tour Anger of the Year title. Bobby and Dana, also central valley anglers living in Fresno, who have scored high while participating in previous delta events, know that these next two events can be the key to the title and the up to $2,000 cash award that comes with the award. “It's delta time, said a toothy Bobby grinning from ear-to-ear like a Cheshire cat. With back to back delta events to finish out the central valley season, we think we have a good chance of winning the title .but we'll see”. He added with guarded confidence.

And those anglers in the Northern region already familiar with the delta waterways are also looking forward to the central valley's last two events of the year as they present the perfect opportunity for them to fish with their kids and/or friends who have always wanted to experience the excitement of tournament fishing.

“My daughter and I fished the FPT's Take-a-Kid fishing event in July and had the time of our lives”, said Corky Williams, who fishes with Michael Yee in the Northern division. She caught a ton of top water fish in that event and got really excited when I asked her to fish with me in this event”, he added. The beauty is that I can have fun with her and not worry about my points standing in the Northern Division”. Corky and Mike currently sit in 17th place overall.

What kind of bite will it be in two weeks? Who can tell. Fish were caught on a variety of baits at last weeks' FPT North event, with jigs producing the biggest limits. But who can predict a delta bite? For all we know the top water bite may come unglued again by next week!

To help anglers figure it all out, everyone is invited to attend the FPT's traditional pre-registration seminar to be held at the Extreme Outdoorsman tackle shop in Oakley on the Friday evening (Aug 25th ) prior to the event. On hand will be some of the west's top pros giving advice on their own personal delta techniques and rigging strategies.

Extreme Outdoorsman carries a complete line of tackle to satisfy all of your needs, and will have special pricing on many of your favorite delta baits. And remember if you show your FPT membership card you will receive a 10% discount off terminal and selected tackle!

This optional pre-registration seminar will be from 4 to 7pm, and we will host a huge raffle for premium tackle and offer food and drinks for all that attend – even if you do not fish the event. Late registration the morning of the event will be at Russo's Marina from 4-6am, with blast-off commencing at safelight. A limited per-event membership fee will be available for only $5 per person.

So go get your top water baits out (but keep those jigs in your hip pocket), grab someone who has always wanted to fish in a tournament environment, and dine with us at the FPT's first Central Valley delta event .who knows you may want to come back for a second helping!

See you all there!