Fuel Injection … for Fishing Lures!

Fuel Injection … for Fishing Lures!
What if you could take the most effective fishing scent ever created and inject it into your soft plastic lures so that the scent gradually oozed out — like a blood trail attracting sharks?
What if you had full control over where, when and how much attractant you put in your lures?
What if you could experiment with this attractant dosage and get dialed in on exactly what the fish want on any given day?
Now you can … with the new BaitFuel Injector Kit.
BaitFuel — the revolutionary fishing scent that has dominated the market for the past few seasons — can now be injected into your soft plastic lures.
There’s actual science behind BaitFuel, and genius behind the BaitFuel Injector Kit. Why just dose your lures with the most powerful attractant ever devised when you can put the secret sauce inside where it will slowly and gradually disperse, more effectively and efficiently working its magic?
There’s simply no better way to put the fishing odds in your favor.
Each BaitFuel Injector Kit comes with 4 reusable vials prefilled with BaitFuel.