Future Pro Tour announces "real-time" pre-fish support!

Ever been pre-fishing the day before an event and can't seem to figure out a pattern, or don't have a clue as to what you need to do to get the fish to bite?

Well stop sweatin'…..the Future Pro Tour is happy to announce a new concept in pre-fishing dubbed…”On the Water Pre-fish Support”, an idea that is wholly congruent with our motto: “A great place to Learn”

Here's how it works: On Friday Sept 16th , the day before the FPT Folsom event, twelve of the best pro anglers on Folsom Lake will be stationed – on the water - at designated areas of Folsom Lake between the hours of 11:00am and 2:00pm. Their purpose will be to provide to anyone that asks, their insights on how to catch bass in that area of Folsom Lake.

A map of Folsom Lake, designating the area in which each particular pro will be stationed, will be available for all to view (and printout) on the Future Pro Tour website. Simply go to the FPT website, print out the map, and take it with you on pre-fish day. You can then, if you need to, use it to find the pro-support staff person on duty at that station, and get all the information you may need. These pros will have Pre-fish support flags on their boats to identify them to all that need help.

Pre-fish support maps will also be available at C&C Marine in Citrus Heights, and at West Marine Products off Granite Dr. in Rocklin (across the street from the Fisherman's Warehouse).

That Friday evening, most of these pro-support staff members will be at the pre-registration seminar festivities at People's Folsom Lake Chrysler/Jeep/Hyundai dealership in the Folsom Automall, to check back with you and evaluate how you fared with the information you were given.

If you have any questions regarding our “On the Water Pre-fish Support Series”, please contact the Future Pro Tour office ANYTIME, at (916) 768-0938. - FPT

The following pros will provide pre-fish support between 11:00am and 2:00pm at Folsom Lake:

• Terry White – Folsom Dam/Beal's Point Area

• Rob Riehl - Jack's Shack Area

• Chad Martin – New York Creek

• Chad Dwyer - Granite Bay/Dutton Point

• John Maes – Rock Gardens

• Ryan White – Rattlesnake Bar

• Bernie Gaunt – Anderson Island Area

• Marcel Colin – Mid Pennisula

• Corey Fenske - River's End (North Fork)

• Dean Mc Daniel – Pennisula Point

• Russ Graves - Mormon Island/Dyke 8 Area

• Chris Raza – River's End (South Fork)