State's Largest Semi Pro Field and Growing

Late spring is an exciting month to be fishing lake Shasta. Perhaps the most beautiful lake in the west, its backdrop of high-sierra mountain ranges and abundant wildlife can easily distract the casual angler in pursuit of the lake’s huge quantity of spotted bass.

For the anglers participating in the up-coming Future Pro Tour event on May 15th, however, there will be no time for hiking or bird watching. At stake in this 3rd event of a 7-event season are points crucial towards attaining a coveted spot in the 2004 Future Pro Tour Classic.

With two events already behind them, these amateur-level anglers must do an almost 180-degree about face’ and “gear-down” so to speak, and find a pattern that will for the most part, be totally different from what was required at the Clearlake event.

”I don’t fish Shasta much – if at all,” said Russell Stringfellow, Future Pro Tour angler that made a good showing (33rd) at the Clearlake event. “I’m an ol’ southern boy who loves that shallow water fishin the Delta and Clearlake have to offer”. But this is what I’m fishing the Future Pro Tour for…to expand my fishing knowledge base”, he added further.

Russell’s points on expanding his knowledge base are well put in that the Future Pro Tour – presented by People’s Folsom Lake/Stockton – Chrysler-Jeep-Nissan-Hyundai-Isuzu, is designed to offer the amateur-level angler an opportunity to learn the basics of competitive bass fishing, meet lots of great people, and just have fun.

It’s goal simply put, is to provide a venue in which the entry/amateur level angler can improve on their bass fishing skills in a friendly yet competitive environment. Requiring only a nominal entry fee, participants are encouraged to share information, and be part of making our events a fun experience for all.

The Future Pro Tour is a team format and features 2 divisions – Div I (0-90hp) and Div II (91hp and above), where anglers in each division fish for that division’s prize money.

According to locals at Shasta, in particular the crew down at Phil’s Prop’s/Tackle, the bite is tremendous and getting better with each passing day. “Fish are in the 5’ to 15’ zone and are being taken on everything from darterheads to Zara Spooks”, noted one of the fellows behind the counter at Phil’s. “Come game day – it out to be wide open”!

Much more information about how to catch em’ at Shasta in the spring will be available to Future Pro Tour anglers at the FREE seminars that will be held at Phil’s Prop’s/Tackle the evening prior to the event.

Greg Gutierrez, a pro noted for his versatility and angling prowess on Shasta Lake, will be on hand to give out valuable tip on catching bass on Shasta lake in the late spring. A member of the Nitro boats pro-staff, Greg competes year-round in major circuits throughout the west and is a keynote speaker at the ISE sportsman’s shows.

Also on tap, will be Shasta Lake’s resident guru, Bill Townsend. An accomplished pro, Bill is one of only a few pro anglers on Shasta Lake that is consistently thought of by his fellow competitors as the odds-on favorite to win any major event on Shasta lake – at any time of the year. Recognized as deep-water expert, he will share the secrets that have earned him many championship titles on Shasta Lake, including a top 3 finish in the 2000 Bassmaster Western Invitational.

You can pre-register for the event during the seminars, which will be from 4:00-6:00pm at Phil’s Prop’s/Tackle. There will also be a free barbeque and product give-away for all that attend. Don’t forget…. Phil’s carries a complete line of tackle, and all the specialty jigs/plastic baits that are used specifically on Shasta Lake! (Phil’s Prop is located at 3037 Twin View Blvd, Shasta Lake (800-462-3917).

Late registration will be available the morning of the event from 4:00-6:00 am at Phil’s Prop/Tackle, and blast-off will be at safelight from Bridge bay Marina.

Some come on up!…Get your dropshot, darterhead, and Zara Spook baits ready for this one…cause I gotta feeling there’s gonna be a “whole lotta shakin going on” at Shasta!!

See you there!!!

Vince Harris – Director, Future Pro Tour