Going Ol' School for the Future Pro Tour Pedro opener

Throwing swimbaits, hopping a dropshot rig, tossing a chatterbait, and pitching Shaky head worms are just a few of the latest and greatest patterns used by tournament anglers today to find winning bags of bass. But FPT anglers fishing the season opener March 3rd at Don Pedro Reservoir may want to consider going back to basics…and a technique that many would considered to be an “Ol' school” method of fishing - Split-shottin'. That's right…I said split-shottin'.

According to Future Pro Tour pro-support staff member Jeff Hugh, manager of the popular Valley Rod and Gun tackle store in Clovis, anglers hoping to score big in this season's FPT opener at Don Pedro, would do well to re-visit this technique which set the bass fishing world on fire in the mid to late 80's. "Split-shottin' is an absolutely deadly technique that has won tons of money for many guys on Don Pedro in the early spring”, said Jeff, an accomplished tournament pro angler in his own right. “Pro Worms makes a awesome 6” purple/blue/neon worm (#281) that when put behind a split shot rig, can be un-stoppable this time of year, and can produce the quality fish most guys will miss”. One reason the technique is so deadly is that it is so subtle and can help you cover and dissect allot water”, he added.

Water temps by tournament day could be in the low 60's and I would have my partner throwing a ¼ ounce purple/brown jig in about 30-60 feet. Work main lake areas, the mouth of 49er creek, and the "Boneyard" area where fish should be moving toward. And don't forget…the swimbait bite could come on strong…so have those big baits ready to go”.

You can get more information about how to fish Don Pedro by visiting Valley Rod and Gun in Clovis (559) 292-3474, or attend the pre-registration seminar that will be held at Valley Rod and Gun on Friday, Feb 26th from 5-7pm. To sign up for the event go to www.futureprotour.net or call (916)768-0938. Late signups for the event will be at the Fleming Meadows launch ramp from 4-6am the morning of the event. See you all at the March 3rd Pedro opener!