The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) has been the keeper of records for the world’s game fish since 1939. The non-profit association, based in Dania Beach, Florida, takes this responsibility very seriously. When it received a record application for a 22-1/2 lb largemouth bass, the IGFA Record Confirmation Committee examined every aspect of the catch in detail.

Mrs. Leaha Trew was fishing in Spring Lake in California with her son last August 24th when she caught the huge bass. It stood to beat the existing all-tackle record largemouth of 22-1/4 lb caught by George Perry in Georgia 71 years ago. Perry’s bass record may be the single most recognized record in freshwater gamefishing.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Trew’s catch was not documented to IGFA’s satisfaction, and therefore could not be accepted as a record. Rob Kramer, president of IGFA said, "We don’t enjoy having to reject world record claims, but in this case there were too many unverifiable factors, so we had no other choice."

IGFA requires considerable and accurate documentation for all record submissions, which is just one example of the extreme care with which IGFA maintains world records.

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