Jordan Outdoor Enterprises Signs on with Save Phace

Middletown, CA. July 8, 2005,--The makers of the Real Tree Camo patterns have agreed to license nine of their most popular camo patterns to Save Phace, Inc. the inventors of the popular Fish Hedz Face Mask.

Since 83% of Fisherman also Hunt, Real Tree is excited about having their flagship patterns on the hottest product to hit the industry in 50 years. Even though the Fish Hedz was designed for riding in a boat, President/CEO Jerry Wright has reported that Hunters/ATV Riders across the country are snatching up the Real Tree Camo line. “Forty eight percent of the states across the country don’t have helmet laws. Hunters that ride their ATV’s to their spot are using the Fish Hedz Camo Series to avoid the pain and discomfort of bugs, branches, dust, rocks and debris from hitting their faces. Some are even using them to avoid the cold air while sitting in their stands”.

Since the introduction of Fish Hedz back in November 04’, Retail stores across the country are catching the Fish Hedz fever. Fish Hedz – the fisherman’s and Boaters facemask – is the hottest craze and must have product to hit the fishing industry in 50 years. If you’ve ever experienced the pain of bugs, birds, wind, rain and any number of items Mother Nature throws at you while racing across the lake at 50+mph, then Fish Hedz is the answer for you. The visor lens has excellent peripheral vision and the lenses are coated with an Anti Fog, Anti Scratch and UV Coatings to prevent fogging up while traveling, eliminating the number one complaint by fisherman.

To locate a retailer near you or for additional information please visit our website at or call 877-347-4433 and get your Fish Hedz today!