Lake Berryessa IMPACT

Ladies and gentlemen:

I am President of the Lake Berryessa Marina Resort Tenant's Association and have a vested interest in the future of Lake Berryessa.

I am not a fisherman, however, many of my friends are. I received your web page information from my avid fisherman friends they told me you are the folks to contact regarding the future of lake berryessa and the devastating impacts the Bureau of Reclamation's proposed action could have on fishing and boating as we know and enjoy it today. They were emphatic about you being able to help.

The Bureau of Reclamation has issued its Final Environment Impact Statement regarding their plan to "reshape" Lake Berryessa when the current agreements expire in 2008-2009. The document is huge to say the least but the impact is even huger.

In a nutshell their plan will reduce the number of boats on the lake from the current 3000 to 700; most if not all of the best fishing spots (I am told) will be inaccessible to motorized boats...yes even trolling motors. Just to name a few Putah Creek, Pope Creek; most of the coves will be reserved for canoes and kayaks; a proposed closure of the lake for 2 years while the "new" concessionaires "reshape" the lake.

I can't explain it all but if you check our web page one of the cofounders of the Task Force that has been fighting this for the last five years has provided a synopsis of the document.

The web address is in the spotlight section.

There is going to be a meeting on November 19, 2005 @ 1:00 PM hosted by the city of Winters. This meeting will also have either Congressman Pombo or his staff as well as other congressional staffers with the purpose of getting the straight scoop. The Bureau of Reclamation decision makers will be answering questions regarding their plan.

Please try to attend!!!!! This I am told will be taped and sent back to Washington DC to key decision makers in Congress as well as the Secretary of Interior, Gale Norton.

Please help.

Philip Constantino, President Lake Berryessa Marina Resort Tenants' Association And avid boater.