Lake Mead Fishing Report: Winter 2003

Bass Class with Mike Folkestad

Life's been busy for the US Open Champion over the past several weeks, as Folkestads already busy schedule has become much tighter. Folkestad said, "Since winning the US Open life's been very busy. There have been several T.V. and Radio appearances as well as speaking engagements and commercials to attend. Then there is fishing, so time has been at a premium.

So Mike what kind of shaper is Lake Mead in as the cooler weather takes hold?
Folkestad said, "The Lake elevation is 1152.6 feet and still dropping about 18" a month or so."

What are the overall conditions there now?
Folkestad added, "The secondary brush line is now out of the water leaving very little brush in the water and no grass left in the water. The dropping water is extremely clean with 30-35 feet of visibility in many areas and the water temp 56-58 degrees.

Still Folkestad reports that even with the dropping water launch ramps at Temple Bar, Echo Bay, Overton and Callville are having no problems launching..

As far as the fishing, Folkestad says, "Fishing has been slow with most of the bass down to 65' deep, There are isolated cases of some fish being shallow when the bass push the shad to the back of the coves. T.D. Minnows and spinnerbaits have been working for the shallow bass when fished on a slow retrieve.

For the deeper bass, Robo worms in both 4 and 6 inch have been working well. The best patterns would be the Folkestad Special, Aaron's Magic and oxblood. While Down-Shotting has been best, Carolina rigging and split shotting also will work. The key according to Folkestad is using his Pinpoint electronics to locate the shad, then fish deep and SLOW!

Folkestad added, "The Yamamoto jig bite hasn't started yet but with cooling water temperatures it should start any day now, See Ya on the Water, Mike