MariTech Industries Wins CASBC 2006 Safety Award

Wireless Technology for Safety Afloat Takes CASBC Award

MariTech Industries is delighted to announce its selection as the winner of the 2006 Canadian Safe Boating Council (CASBC) Award for the Marine Industry, presented January 14, 2007 in Toronto, Canada. Each year the CASBC recognizes a company (or individual) which has introduced to Canada a boating product or technology that significantly improves boating safety. For 2006, that product is MariTech’s wireless lanyard engine shut off systems—Virtual Lifeline/CAST. Since its introduction, this technology has taken the industry by storm, receiving accolades from government entities, industry leaders, manufacturers, and enthusiasts alike. CASBC’s recognition is the second major award presented to MariTech for this exciting new technology. VL/CAST received the U.S. National Marine Manufacturers Association’s (NMMA) award for safety in 2005.

MariTech’s president, Keith Jackson, commented on the company’s long time dedication to boating safety and its focus upon falls overboard protection, “When you look at the USCG annual statistics that show falls overboard as the number one event leading to injury and property damage while boating, we knew we had do do something. In the past, only tethered lanyards and proximity based devices were available. Unfortunately, both are limited in application and use. Our goal was to develop new technology that would be effective for everyone onboard without inhibiting their fun or the safe operation of the vessel. We’re proud to say WE DID IT!”

Mr Jackson finished by saying, “It is both humbling and extremely gratifying to receive this award and, more so, for this potentially life-saving technology to be recognized internationally. Hopefully, this attention on VL/CAST will get the message out to boaters that they can significantly reduce falls overboard accident statistics by using this incredible new technology.“

About Virtual Lifeline

How it works: Upon submersion, the sensor immediately activates—sending a signal to the onboard control module, which sounds an alarm and shuts off the motor. VL’s Rescue Mode allows restarting of the engine to recover the person in the water. Once out of the water, simply shake excess water from the sensor, restart the motor and turn off Rescue Mode to reactivate the safety features of VL. Sensors are small, durable, reusable and are easily worn.

This patented, award-winning technology provides unparalleled falls overboard protection for recreational boaters, anglers, powerboat and racing enthusiasts, and government marine patrol units. It may also be found in commercial applications, like marina operations, salvage, and towing, just to name a few.

About MariTech

With over 15 years experience, MariTech Industries specializes in the analysis and development of effective solutions for maritime safety issues. As a recognized national and international leader in marine and boating safety engineering MariTech helps educate decision and policy makers, manufacturers and owners, operators and the public at large on how to minimize risk, increase safety and still make maritime activities enjoyable.

MariTech Industries wishes to thank its Canadian dealers and representatives for bringing our wireless lanyard technology into the country: Marine Toys’ owners Tracey and Lisa Ploss [(877) 868-7773, Vancouver, BC], Calvin Wrench (Sicamous, BC) and WRT’s Scott Collier (Dundas, Ontario), to mention a few.

To learn more about Virtual Lifeline, MariTech and the other exciting products offered by this innovative company please visit them at For downloadable files for use in media kits and publishing please contact Penny Steiner at the number above for a secure web site address.