National Advertising Campaign Set to Begin for Kevin VanDam’s Line and Lure Conditioner

(PRWEB) June 26, 2005 -- Beginning July 16th during ESPN 2 Saturday morning- "Bass Saturday", pro bass fishing superstar Kevin VanDam will begin promoting the benefits of his new Line and Lure Conditioner.

Line and Lure is a unique high tech polymer treatment that dramatically reduces line friction and is guaranteed to add 20% - 30% greater casting distance to any type of fishing line.

VanDam has recently won back-to-back B.A.S.S. Elite 50 Tournaments. Much of his success he attributes to "casting accuracy”.

As a top favorite in the Bassmaster Classic being held July 29th-31st in Philadelphia, PA, Kevin treats all his line with Line and Lure Conditioner saying, “it makes my line more manageable, and really helps when I need to cast to a specific spot like under a boat dock or next to a fallen tree."

This National Advertising Campaign is to support the growing number of fine tackle stores where Line and Lure is available.