National Bass West and MariTech Industries Partner for Betterment of Bass Fishing

Redding, Calif. – December 9, 2005 -- MariTech Industries, today announced its partnership with National Bass West, Inc. in promoting its award winning CAST wireless lanyard/kill switch technology to its approximately 4,000 members in California and Arizona.

National Bass West and MariTech Industries are eager to work together in promoting grassroots programs while providing additional funding for National Bass West initiatives. MariTech Industries will return a percentage of each sale to National Bass West. In addition, MariTech will offer its popular Cash for CAST bonus money program in select tournaments.

MariTech released CAST October 2004 and is fast becoming standard equipment for tournament anglers. These keen competitors recognize that CAST gives a significant edge over others using the old-school tethered lanyard.” said Keith Jackson, MariTech Industries’ President. “This was proven when we looked at the end of year results CAST owners represented a significant number of those who qualified for their championships and then took top honors. One organization reported: Five of their seven Regional Champions were CAST owners; twenty percent of the 125 anglers who qualified for their championship were CAST owners and five of the top ten winners were CAST owners, which included the tournament champion. We’re very proud to have contributed to their success.”

CAST is the first improvement in 30 years on the standard tethered kill switch. It’s designed so that each boat occupant wears a sensor that will turn off the boat engine whenever the sensor becomes submerged due to a fall overboard. It then transmits a signal to the control module, which turns off the engine and sounds an alarm. Rescue Mode permits restarting the engine for prompt recovery. More than just an improvement over the current operator-only lanyard style kill switch, this revolutionary new product can protect every occupant on board.

The technology has proven to be so innovative and effective that on July 25, 2005, the National Marine Manufactures Association (NMMA) honored CAST and VL “wireless lanyard” products with its prestigious 2005 Innovation of The Year Award for safety.

USCG CWO Doug Luper, one of the first to install CAST onto his Ranger bass tournament fishing boat remarks: “As a 25-year U.S. Coast Guard veteran and several thousand hours spent on the water. I know how important Safety is. Especially when it comes to fishing my BASS Tournaments. When I launch my Ranger I want to make sure every piece of equipment is in tip top shape. Safety is Paramount and when it comes to falls overboard I want myself and my partner to be protected by the best in the business that is why C.A.S.T. Wireless Lanyard manufactured by MariTech Industries is mounted onboard my boat.

”With C.A.S.T. I know if I accidentally get thrown from my boat it will be shut down in an instant. This modern technology kill switch not only provides me with the greatest of safety but also allows me gain more casts a day, and when time is critical that means a lot to me. With C.A.S.T I guarantee that you will not be dissatisfied, and the installation is a cinch, 30 minutes, tops. Never worry about constantly hooking up that tangle some kill switch. So the next time you back down that launch ramp and the Tournament Director asks to check your kill switch, make sure you have C.A.S.T. onboard. Check ‘em out.”
~ CWO Douglas C. Luper, Safety Compliance Officer
USCG, Office Of Boating Safety
Recreational Boat Product Assurance Division
Washington, D.C.

“National Bass West, Inc., and its membership, should take great pride knowing this partnership will have great impact on the reduction of boating accidents. Professional anglers’ upgrading their boats with this wireless technology, set a new safety standard for all boaters. They play a vital role in influencing the recreational boater, who often follows their lead” said Keith Jackson.