No Sweat Mist 'Busts' onto Market

There’s a new boat wipe product on the market and it’s getting people talking across the country. No Sweat Mist works like a charm to clean up boats, cars, planes and much more. Here is a conversation I had with company owner and product developer Sieg Taylor.

Tony Thanks Sieg for taking time out to Introduce something you been working on for awhile now.
Sieg Yes, a little over 16 months now.

Tony I have to start out by asking you why you designed a product with such a label.
Sieg What do you mean?
Tony Well, it isn’t everyday I walk down an aisle and see a Stars and Stripes Bikini Top looking at me.
Sieg So it got your attention?
Tony Yes, and then some.
Sieg Then I have been able to do what I intended to do--that is to get your attention.

This product was designed for guys, and their toys, whether the toy be one’s Lamborghini, one’s Harley or, in our case, one’s bass boats.

Tony You see when I walk down an aisle and see detailing products for cars and boats, how do I know which one works best?
Sieg I wanted this label to stand out and say; “Grab me and start spraying!”
Tony Are you not concerned this label goes a bit far?
Sieg No, It’s nothing you wouldn’t see at any lake or a public swimming pool in the summertime.

It may bother a few, but all I can say is that you really need to get out more often.

Tony That’s fair enough. Now that you got my attention with the label on the bottle. Does it work?
Sieg It flat out works! Our company spent over 16 months formulating and putting No Sweat Mist together.

Tony So are you saying that there’s nothing like this out there?
Sieg Yes.

Tony Well tell me a little about what it does.
Sieg Just like it says on the bottle…Quick Spray Shine Enhancer. It’s intended to do just as it says, remove dust, fingerprints waterspots and much more.
Tony More?
Sieg Yes, it has provides complete UV protection, and this helps prevent fading, cracking and drying out on treated areas. It’s bodyshop safe, because it’s 100% silicone free. It repels saltwater, thus preventing saltwater damage on the treated areas.

Tony It sounds like it works great on watercraft, but you say it’s also safe to use on fancy cars like a Ferrari or a Harley.
Sieg Yes, it can even be used on aircraft to help keep the craft clean, which in turn helps performance. Heck, my mom loves to use it to clean her stove and just about everything else.

Tony What does your mom think about the label.
Sieg She’s known me just over 42 years now and nothing I do surprises here anymore. Just spray it on and wipe off. Just as it says, Quick, Easy and Safe.

Tony Is No Sweat Mist a Polish?
Sieg Yes, No Sweat Mist is a polish minus the cleaner. Polishes usually contain a mildly abrasive cleaner that removes minor oxidation, fading and stains. At the same time they leave a durable protective coating that repels future weathering and staining. If you want to keep a boat or anything in top condition you would have to use polish on a weekly schedule. This is labor intensive as well as detrimental to you boat's finish. Remember that polish contains abrasive cleaner. Each time it is used it removes a microscopic amount of the gelcoat or clearcoat. Over time this material removal adds up and with repeated use, the finish can be worn through. With a product like No Sweat Mist you can replenish the shine and protection without the removal of outer finish. If you polished your boat once or twice a year and then periodically used No Sweat Mist you would have maximum gloss and UV protection at all times while virtually no wearing down of the boat's finish. And since No Sweat Mish is a spray-on/wipe-off product, the time and effort to treat the boat is only minimal. For those who take pride in the way their boat looks all the time No Sweat Mist provides the best of all possible treatments

Tony Where can one buy No Sweat Mist?
Sieg Just go to our Website, and click on dealers to look for your favorite dealer in your area. If you can’t find a dealer in your area, you can purchase it online. You will pay more through. The reason is two-fold. One, it saves you money (including shipping costs) and two, it keeps our favorite dealers carrying your favorite products. Our Internet pricing is higher than what you would pay at your local dealer.

I did this for a reason. I want No Sweat Mist to be sold through dealers and I will do what ever I can to throw my support towards them. I encourage people to have their favorite store contact us so we can get the products in your hands.

Tony Is it priced competitively?
Sieg I had to price it competitively and then some. Suggested Retail for the 22oz. Spray bottle is $8.49 and the Gallon Jugs refills go for $24.99.

The 22oz. Bottle is to introduce the product and the Gallon Jug refills are intended to cut the 22oz Bottle price in half.

Tony So lets see here, once I’ve used up the 22oz. Bottle…I can use the gallon refill and my cost will be around $4.25.
Sieg You got it.
Tony That’s a fair deal. Are you coming out with any other products?
Sieg Absolutely, it’s already in the works.

Tony What do you want No Sweat Mist to be known for?
Sieg Just like Hooters is known for having the finest Buffalo Wings, I would like No Sweat Mist to be known for its fine quality detailing products. However, I know fate has a way of changing ones course.
Tony What do you mean?
Sieg Well, when you think Hooters, Buffalo Wings isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Right?
Tony I see what you mean.

Tony In closing what would you like to say?
Sieg First, I would appreciate it if people gave No Sweat Mist a try. I believe it’s the best quick spray detailer ever developed. If you like it…Great. If not you at least gave it a try and that I greatly appreciate.

Tony Thanks Sieg for taking time out to introduce something you've been working on for awhile now.