Pardee Lake in 2018 | New Season, New Owners

To all those who have visited Pardee and seen the beauty it holds, we at Rocky Mountain Recreation Company are so excited to begin to serve you in this coming 2018 season! We know we have large shoes to fill after the wonderful work that the previous managers did. Our goal is to create positive memories for all new and returning guests at Pardee and we plan to do that with the fabulous staff who are remaining on board with us and all of you. We wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday and can’t wait to see you all next season!

You can visit our page for Lake Pardee here:…/l…/pardee-lake-recreation-area

Additionally, we have camping reservations open for the for the first part of the coming season. If you would like to make a reservation, you can call us at 800-416-6992