Pole Control- Fight the fish, not your pole

2005 ICAST/Las Vegas Product Preview

Just back from the 2005 ICAST/Las Vegas show and there were several products worthy of your consideration to purchase. One of the new tools available to anglers comes from a California based company, Pole Control.

Pole Control was designed to help fisherman of all ages and experience levels fight fish.

When pressure is applied (from fish, lure or sinker) your fishing pole handle comes up, Pole Control makes contact and keeps your fishing pole against your arm. This gives you solid contact and 'keeps' your fishing pole against your arm, giving you more leverage and better control of the pole when fighting a fish. This also gives stronger and more consistent hook sets.

Pole control reduces wrist strain by no longer having to lock your wrist to keep your pole against your arm.

It works on all spinning and baitcasting rods of any length and manufacture. It's also lightweight, the adult model weighs only 3.5 ounces. Pole Control is an excellent teaching aid for children and beginning anglers.

Pole Control also attaches to fishing nets making it easier to control your fishing net when landing a caught fish

Contact Information:
Pole Control
P.O. Box 12054
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Email - info@polecontrol.com

For more information, check out http://www.polecontrol.com/.