PRO's Soft ~Bait Glue® Joins WesternBass.Com Sponsor Group

Multiple Fishing Applications

OAKLEY, CA (July 12, 2004) — WesternBass.Com announced today the signing of PRO's Soft ~Bait Glue® as a new sponsor. This product will quickly become a part of every anglers aresenal of fish catching tools.

Use PRO's Soft ~Bait Glue® so that plastic baits will not slide down on hooks. Your bait stays permanently attached until new bait is applied or a fish bites it off. Repair with one drop, squeeze together for 4-5 seconds and keep fishing.

Glues lizards, worms, grubs, tubes, jerk-baits, fly's & feathers, bucktail-trailers, nylon & rubber skirts, & many others while on hooks. Also works on rod guides, rod handles, shoes, tranducers, rubber bumper boat moldings, waders, uphostery, leather & leather soles, and many hard plastic baits too. PRO's Soft ~Bait Glue® is great for most outdoor products and household items.

Works on ALL FRESH and SALT water baits. Dries clear, odorless, non-toxic, and cures quicker dipped in water for approximately 15 seconds. Flexible, soft, and durable without stiffness. NO brittleness like other glues even in below freezing temperatures. For those that modify theoir baits, rattles and weights can now be inserted and sealed effortlessly. Create your own custom lures by bonding tails, bodies, trailers, tubes and grubs from different manufacturers.

Saves money on purchasing soft plastic baits and saves time touching up torn baits while still hooked up. And all you tournament anglers, there’s no more running out of baits while fishing money tournaments. And PRO's Soft ~Bait Glue® is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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