Professionals from the United States will compete in Spain for the Eurobass Cup

• The contest will be fought out on September 21 and 22, 2004 • Valladolid will be the European Capital of Bass fishing

Valladolid (Spain). April, 2004. The fondness for bass fishing in Europe has increased in growth starting just a few years ago. More and more amateurs are practicing this type of fishing in such countries as Italy, France, Portugal and Spain.

The competitions are a wonderful reflection of the sporting level reached. In September of 2004, Spain will celebrate the most important event carried out thus far in Europe: the Eurobass Cup, an event created to be a new model for competition in the world.

A total of 30 sportsmen will contend for this first-time event on September 21 and 22 at Lake Ricobayo where the current winner of the Bassmaster Classic, Mike Iaconelli, competed last year.

The Eurobass Cup is a tournament between two teams. Each team will have 15 sportsmen. Among those represented for the United States will be some of the best professionals on the circuit and the European participants will be sportsmen of recognized prestige coming from Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

The point system provides that in each round a point will be awarded to each boat in relation to the weigh-in of each fisherman and the final total will decide the winner of the First Annual Eurobass Cup.

This competition is organized by the Semana Ibérica de Caza y Pesca (Iberian Hunting and Fishing Week), an event that since the year 2000 has organized numerous activities to contribute to the promotion and development of the different varieties of hunting and fishing. The spread of these sports rotates around three fundamental activities: sporting competitions in which sportsmen participate among the world elite, trade fairs with national and international manufacturers and distributors present, and complementary attractive programs for amateurs and sportsmen (seminars, workshops, product displays, etc.).

EUROBASS CUP – Semana Ibérica de Caza y Pesca / Iberian Hunting and Fishing Week – SPAIN

Since its first year, the Semana Ibérica has been firmly committed to the promotion of bass fishing and because of this it has organized events such as the Encuentro Latino de bass (Bass Latin Encounter) in which sportsmen from the United States have participated each year like the previously mentioned Mike Iaconelli who attended the Semana Ibérica shortly after winning the Bassmaster Classic of 2003. Together with Mike Iaconelli, also present were John Murray, Brett Hite and Byron Velvick, among others.

The Encuentro Latino is the source of origin of the Eurobass Cup. In previous years, the appeal has become obvious watching American and European professionals in action. Throughout these days there is an intense exchange of information, techniques, comments about materials, boats, etc.

This year, not only is there the Encuentro Latino, but it also will enrich notably the offer with the incorporation of the Eurobass Cup, a competition that in the opinion of the General Director of the Organization, Javier Galiana, “It is going to mark a new stage in the development of this field of fishing in Europe”.

The official training of the Eurobass Cup will take place on September 19 and 20 at the scene of the event, Lake Ricobayo. The presentation of awards will be held on September 26 in Valladolid, in the setting of the Fair of the Semana Ibérica de Caza y Pesca.