Ranger Boats opens Ranger Cup Program to Future Pro Tour anglers!

Owning a Ranger has always had its rewards. And now with added bonuses from Ranger ‘s exclusive Ranger Cup series, Future Pro Tour anglers will have the opportunity to cash in on bonus incentives offered only through the Ranger Cup Program! This program will pay cash dividends to those Future Pro Tour anglers that win a Future Pro Tour tournament and own a Ranger boat!

How to enroll: You must register for Ranger Cup participation during the Future Pro Tour’s pre-registration activities the day before the event (coming soon, you will be able to register online via the Ranger Boats website). Once you are enrolled, you will be eligible for a Ranger Cup cash bonus!

There are two ways to get Ranger Cup Cash –

· If you are the overall winners of the Future Pro Tour event and are a registered Ranger Cup team, you will receive an additional cash bonus of $1,000 dollars!

· If you are the highest finishing Ranger Cup team (even though you were not the overall winners) you will receive a cash bonus of $500 dollars!

The basic qualifications to participate in Ranger Cup are:

- You must own a Ranger Boat

- You must fish out of a Ranger Boat during all days of the event

- You must be registered as a Ranger Cup team BEFORE the event

- You must have an official Ranger Cup decal on the driver’s side windshield/console of the Ranger boat you are fishing from (decal will be provided)

- You must wear the official Ranger Cup patch or monogram on the sleeve of shirt during all days of qualifying Ranger Cup tournaments (patch will be provided)

You can find out more information about the Ranger Cup program on the Ranger Boats website at: www.rangerboats.com. More information will also be available at the up-coming Future Pro Tour event at Clearlake, April 24th. (Pre-registration and seminar will be on the 23rd).

The Future Pro Tour would like to thank Ranger Boats for being a major sponsor of its events and making these added incentives available to Future Pro Tour anglers.

See you all on the water!

Vince Harris – Director, Future Pro Tour Tournament Trails