River2Sea Introduces Bully Wa!

(Richmond, CA, March 27, 2006) As the popularity of weedless frogs has increased, so have the variations of the old standards. River2Sea introduces Bully Wa!, a frog designed to be the answer to all the frog questions.

Never before has a weedless frog been able to perform at all the facets of frog fishing so thoroughly. Bully Wa! is uniquely designed to be the easiest open water walking frog on the market without sacrificing its effectiveness on matted grass. Most importantly is that Bully Wa!'s design delivers one of the most impressive hook gaps through body composition and component placement.

Bully Wa!'s most prominent and distinguishable feature is the noticeable "keel" on the belly of the frog. This keel acts as a rudder to enable Bully Wa! to easily walk the frog for nearly every level of angler. This keel also gives Bully Wa! more presence on floating grass mats because it acts like a knife, leaving an impression in the mat as it moves.

Bully Wa! comes in eight colors and features Gamakatsu EWG Double Hooks to stick and hold when fish strike. Any way you look at it, this is one frog that will "Bully" the bass into striking.

Bully Wa! is available for immediate shipping.