River2Sea Introduces Junk Grenade Hand Tied Flat Rubber Flipping Jig

Richmond, Calif. – River2Sea continues to produce lures that meet the needs of anglers everywhere. Our latest offering; the Junk Grenade flipping jig, is in line with River2Sea’s commitment to providing high quality products at great value.

Junk Grenade is constructed with many of the quality features found in our Touch Down jig head and our hand tied Touch Down football jigs. However, Junk Grenade has features specifically designed to improve your chances of getting into heavy cover and bringing fish out when they strike.

We started with a premium Big Bite flipping hook then molded a custom designed flipping head around it. We paint each head with our exclusive Natural Matte finish then hand tie a combination silicone and flat rubber skirt to each head. The final step is to attach our exclusive double barrel tungsten rattle.

Junk Grenade comes in three sizes, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2-ounce and six premium colors designed to help you pull the pin on explosive results; ripped lips will be the collateral damage.

Junk Grenade is available for immediate shipping.

River2Sea USA 510.237.2405 www.river2seausa.com